Community Choice Awards 2020: Intern Abroad

Interning abroad is a unique opportunity for a young professional to go above and beyond in service of their academic and professional development. Unlike an internship at home, interning abroad adds layers of complexity to the experience -- finding housing, making friends abroad, adjusting to a new culture -- on top of what is often the first 'real' professional experience you have.

Intern abroad programs help interns manage the stresses of moving internationally for a typically short-term job -- while still allowing you the chance to expand your worldview and learn important personal and professional lessons first-hand.

We looked at all of the reviews we received this year on internship abroad programs, including the scores we ask reviewers to give on the following categories: Growth, Support, Fun, Housing, and Safety. When we crunched the numbers and read the reviews, we found the following were the top internship abroad providers in 2020.

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Overall Top Internship Abroad Providers

The best internship abroad providers help students and young professionals have an unforgettable experience that helps them grow as a person and develop as a professional. They provide support and assistance while still allowing the intern to learn the lessons necessary for a successful career. When we looked at the scores all providers received across all of the categories we ask interns to rate, we found the following intern abroad providers received the top scores overall in 2020:

Top Internship Abroad Providers: Growth

For most interns, the whole point of an internship abroad is growth: academic, professional, and/or personal development that can only be gained through real, international work experience. We ask every intern alumni to rate the growth they experienced over the course of their internship abroad. The following providers had the top scores in the Growth category:

Top Internship Abroad Providers: Support

Interning abroad is an opportunity for young professionals to experience independence and grow professionally in ways they might never have before. It's also critically important that the internship abroad program they choose is available for any support interns do need. We ask alumni to consider how much support the intern abroad program staff provide; the following providers had the top scores in the Support category:

Top Internship Abroad Providers: Fun

We obviously think that interning abroad should be a fun experience -- in fact, we ask every reviewer to tell us how much fun they had overseas, for almost every program they rate on our site. For study abroad programs, we ask alumni to share what they rate the social scene for their intern abroad program. This could include in-office experience and bonding with colleagues or making friends with fellow interns. The following providers had the top scores in the Fun category:

Top Internship Abroad Providers: Housing

Housing is an important part of the experience while interning abroad. Good, safe housing options -- whether an apartment with fellow interns or a homestay -- have a huge impact on your perceptions of interning abroad. As many internship abroad providers are responsible for arranging or suggesting housing options for interns, we ask intern abroad alumni to rate this for each program. The following providers had the top scores in the Housing category:

Top Internship Abroad Providers: Safety

Safety is one of the most important factors we ask reviewers to rate; almost every program on Go Overseas (even those that aren't in the intern abroad category) is rated on safety. In particular, we want to know how interns felt about their level of safety during their internship. The following providers had the top scores in the Safety category: