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Universities and traditional education prepare us for an old narrative of one job for life, a model that is no longer universal but still forced into the minds of young people.

The Networked World and the Creative Economy encourages (or forces) people to learn new skills and reinvent themselves to avoid becoming outdated.

Throughout their lives, people need to find out how to reinvent themselves on their own, but there are no institutions adapting to meet this generation’s needs.

Exosphere Academy is the institution that prepares new generations to adapt and thrive in the new economy. We host immersive and interdisciplinary learning experiences.
In the past 3 years we have run 7 long form programs, 2 summits, and 28 workshops (in 25 cities) for more than 1000 participants from 45 countries.

Not everybody is born to be an entrepreneur and forcefully fitting people in this mold is futile.
However, we are all born as curious individuals and that is what drives us forward.

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