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Impressive and very different cities, friendly locals who make you feel very welcome and best of all - the unique places Chile has to offer like Easter Island, Patagonia and San Pedro de Atacama. Take a look at the various gap year options and you will want to be in Chile very soon.

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Adventure Travel

There are many adventurous things to discover in Chile like hiking, trekking, rafting or skiing. If you want to escape the mass tourism and want to experience Chile’s beauty together with a local guide, on Local Guiding you can arrange tours especially customized for gap year travelers and residents. And it’s even cheaper, since you are booking directly from a guide and not big agencies.


If you want to do a professional internships at internationally known companies, the only real option is Santiago, Chile’s capital. If you don’t have success applying directly at your favorite company, you can use The Intern Group, Start-Up Chile or any other third-party internship program.

  • The Intern Group – offers internships across all sectors and companies. You need to apply indicating your destination and industry of interest as well as submitting your resume. After reviewing your application, they will do a short Skype interview to discuss the internship opportunities related to your field.
  • Start-Up Chile – Due to the Start-Up Chile Program, every year, 300 high-potential entrepreneurs move to Chile to bootstrap their start-ups using Chile as a platform to go global. This program already converted Chile into a innovation and entrepreneurial hub. Many of the start-ups in Chile are also looking for interns (you will find the actual list of internship positions on the Start-up Chile) website.

Cost of Living in Chile

The cost of living in Chile is very cheap if you compare it with Europe or the United States. But in South America its kind of expensive compared with Peru, Bolivia or Argentina. It also depends on where you are going to live: Santiago is more expensive than other cities in Chile. The most expensive neighborhoods in Santiago are Vitacura and Las Condes. The prices below are estimates in Chilean Pesos.

  • Transportation ticket: CLP 700
  • One bedroom apartment in city center: CLP 180.000 – 400.000
  • Domestic beer: CLP 2500
  • Fruits and vegetables are very cheap
  • Movie Ticket: CLP 3.500.
Culture and Etiquette in Chile

Chile has many different cultures because of his long size, the south is so different from the north but the best thing of it is that in just one country you can discover so many things, like San Pedro of Atacama or the Patagonia in the south. Easter Island is also part of Chile and is a totally different culture from what you can find in Chile.

Health and Safety in Chile

Compared to other countries in Latin America, Chile is relatively safe. But this does not mean that you don’t have to take care of your belongings. Foreigners are the perfect victims because they are not worried about their personal things, so they might get their backpack stolen in a bar or café. But if you always have your belongings with you, you wont have a problem. If you have an emergency, you can call the 133 (Police). Due to the economic and unrest in Chile, students are doing demonstrations from time to time – there may be riots and the police have used tear gas, so stay away from student demonstrations.

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