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Travel to different cities in India to collect stories of change.

Visit different cities in India and get to experience, first hand, stories of change.
Produce high-impact visual narratives that fuel awareness and inspire action.
Capture the essence of the cause in a manner that represents the mission or vision of the organisation through visual media.
Create a consistent visual identity in the form of photographs and videos that can be used to garner attention and awareness.

You will be presented with the once-in-a-lifetime mission to improve the educational infrastructure of rural schools in India villages! Through your unique talents, you will be able to provide the organisation with the unique opportunity to visually represent their mission and vision to the world.
​Your visual storytelling media will be a key tool used by the organisation to make connections with prospective donors and other enterprises in an authentic and sincere way.

  • Field immersions
  • Village visit
  • Mentors-in-Residence
  • Understanding of Sustainable Development Goals

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The Social Impact Journey by TribesforGOOD is based on a practical/learn by doing approach. It has Hack-a-thons where we worked on a project of our choice throughout the journey and helped come up with solutions and strategies for various social organizations we met. The participants(us) had a lot to discuss among ourselves how western countries often neglect the basic of things and use resources unwisely, on the other hand social enterprises here are using the last of their resources optimally and taking calculated risks . Every person we met had a story to tell,a story of how India is developing, how people survive in this city .
One thing that charmed me about this city was to learn that 'Struggle is not exclusive,rather inevitable' is this country and yet people are happily working for the betterment of their community and a society as a whole.

Yes, I recommend this program

A sense of Fulfilment

I have always been keen on giving back to the local community whenever I travel. The TribesforGOOD program revolves around community and cultural immersions through Hackathons. Using my skills in strategy building ,we helped a local social enterprise organise a conference highlighting the cause supported by the enterprise. Initially, the journey might come as a cultural shock and getting acclimatized takes a few hours to a day but its an experince nonetheless. There is a lot to be discovered in the noise of the city and might seem that the culture has lost its touch but the history revives the heritage of it.

Yes, I recommend this program

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TribesforGOOD is a mission led organisation enabling meaningful pro-bono work and supports social change. We work with Universities, Career Changers & Breakers, social impact professionals and organisations.
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