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TribesforGOOD is on a mission to inspire a generation that wants to support and work with social impact businesses. We bridge the talent gap faced by social change organizations in India by connecting them to an international talent pool of students, millennials and early retirees.

Through our flagship services Social Impact Journeys and Volungearing, we enable individuals to participate in solving the social, economic and environmental problems of the 21st- century. Each participant is put on a unique journey, tailored to their interests and skills, in which they are able to, not only improve the immediate lives of people at the base of the pyramid and their immediate surroundings but also be able to impact the lives of the many generations to come! The Impact is two-fold – one enabling changemakers and second, bridging the talent gap for understaffed grassroots changemakers.

We provide educational tours, field immersions, group programs, and training.


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An Unforgettable Experience

Words can’t describe how much I’ve not only learned but how much I’ve enjoyed myself doing something I love while contributing to something much bigger than myself by interning at Tribes for Good. Thank you to Mandeep and Kashyap for giving me the opportunity to enact positive social change while learning so much about a community I care so much about. This definitely won’t be the last time I will work at TFG and I am definitely looking forward to hopefully working and maybe having a bigger role at TFG for a longer duration, for sure! As a TribesforGOOD intern, I visited various suburbs of Mumbai to collect stories of change in Dharavi (showcasing enterprise and business), Malwani (a slum in Malad) and Bandra and worked on various themes related to Business/Tourism, Women & Livelihood, Adolescents and Street kids for Aftertaste, Bethelocal, The Gender Lab, Angel Xpress. To express these stores, I produced high-impact visual narratives that fuel awareness and inspire action, in which my focus was to capture the essence of the cause in a manner that represents the mission or vision of the organization through visual media - to create a consistent visual identity in the form of videos that will be used to garner attention and awareness.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Make the most of your experience, regardless of whether you are a local or foreigner. As an Indian myself, I consider myself pretty familiar with the social spectrum, yet I still learned so much more by working at TFG. Mandeep and Kashyap are extremely helpful when it comes to guiding you with your work and will make sure every aspect of your experience is comfortable and memorable.
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An experience to learn and impact lives!

I’ve been pursuing my Undergraduate degree from Pune University, India. Given my course is in Information Technology & I’ve been studying about it for 5 years now, I usually have a few hours every week that can be used for volunteering for organisations supporting livelihood for women.

I was looking for internships that were available & stumbled upon TribesforGOOD’s Social Media & Brand Strategist Internship.
It looked like a unique opportunity to me as it was about making a lasting impact on the communities that I shall be working with through this internship. And also, cause I could work remotely from my home.

After applying for it, the founder Mandeep got in touch with me to understand what I was looking to giveback through this internship which was a unique take for me as most of the positions I had applied earlier asked me what I wanted to gain from the internship.
So it wasn’t just about me but about the beneficiaries too.

I worked as a content creator & writer for a period of 4-weeks with TribesforGOOD & loved the work I had to do. Through my work at TribesforGOOD I was able to learn a lot of skills in terms of social media & got insights into the social enterprise space.

Now I truly dream to apply this knowledge & become a social entrepreneur myself.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
The biggest giveback came in the form of gratitude from the organisation TribesforGOOD was helping to increase their social media awareness. Through us they could reach out to at least 30% more audience which impacted their business is a positive sense & the profits help run households of 25 women.

Next time I am in Mumbai, I'd like to visit the NGO that I impacted and try volunteering a bit more with them.
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Great learning experience | Wonderful team | Internship with a cause

I was in my gap year and was looking to travel & volunteer. I’d known from my circles that choosing a volunteer program is tricky as I need to ensure that my impact reaches to communities.

After a meticulous research for a week I came across TribesforGOOD’s Summer Internship program. It was a 3 week program operating out of a co-working space in Mumbai. This struck cords with me as it not only provided a chance to volunteer but also work with 3 different enterprises one in travel, second in education and third in women empowerment.

After reaching in Mumbai, I took an accommodation in a hostel near to our office and met my mentor for an Induction about social enterprises in India & Health & Safety briefing that proved to be a boon in the weeks to come.

Over the course of 3-weeks, I got an opportunity to work on multiple projects such as research projects, online fundraising, social media marketing, etc. Each with a different enterprises & focus on various sectors viz.
-Women empowerment & livelihood
-Clean Energy
-Urban poverty

The best part about the program was the on-field visits where I met the actual beneficiaries of the program I was working on & could see how I’d be making a difference. During the off-days we went on to explore the hidden treasures of the city of Mumbai: city-walks, cafe’s a couple of touristy locations as well.

Reflecting back on what I gained through this program I’d say the philosophy of learning by doing stuck with me and helped me develop a global outlook when it comes to innovations and bring about lasting change.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
For anyone opting this program I’d suggest to talk with the TribesforGOOD team & convey what you want out of this internship as they are very friendly & flexible with helping you gain the right kind of experience.
Yes, I recommend this program

Gain a perspective of the outside world apart from classroom learning

Being a 17 year old kid I am always wanting to contribute my part to the most pressing issues of our society. But my efforts usually fall short as I have no clear vision on where to begin.
I figured the best way to start is apply for internships, gain new skills & then look for relevant sectors to help out. Here’s the interesting part, to work as an intern you need to have relevant skills already. Another day, another setback. But this time I decided to turn the tables.

That is how I enrolled for the Young changemakers program of TribesforGOOD. It was a 3 month virtual internship program with a focus on hands-on experience & helping youngsters like me be ready for the world.It was centered around sectors & skills that I wanted to learn about & explore. Since, I wanted to focus on Women empowerment & livelihood I chose that as my potential project.

I was very well introduced to the social impact space and given a few insights on the project I chose to help me come forward with a design plan.
During the first 2 weeks we had a weekly discussion session on the research I conducted & my mentor would give me feedback & resources to work upon.

By the time we entered the fourth week I had a pretty clear idea of what was I working on and could now start understanding the problems of underprivileged women in Mumbai to design possible solutions for it.

By the end of this program TribesforGOOD & I were able to help me develop an
ability to think like an entrepreneur and consider issues from a variety of perspectives & learnt to use my skills effectively & work in a complex environment. The solutions I recommended to tackle Poverty are being considered as an actual setup which felt great.

I was definitely able to achieve my goal of interning, gaining new skills and working for the upliftment of communities around me.This program really helped me gain a perspective of the outside world apart from classroom learning & provided me a confidence boost that with the right amount of dedication your age doesn’t matter in creating an impact.

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Yes, I recommend this program

This Program helps you make actual Difference in Social Impact space.

Young Changemakers Program -

I enrolled with TribesforGOOD for a 3 month virtual internship program called the Young Changemakers program. Since, I have been pursuing a full time undergrad program visiting India was not possible. TribesforGOOD solved this problem by offering me a solution to work remotely.

The program had a combination of workshops, curated readings, training and hands on experience working closely with organisations (education,gender,etc.) in India.
A meticulous planning was firstly done through one-to-one mentor-ship session to design an action plan according to my interests & skills. Next part was to work on Design Thinking & implementing my Action plan.
The Action Plan I chose to work on - Poverty alleviation.
Throughout the internship, I had a facilitator from TribesforGOOD to help with the designing of solutions & to clear my queries.

By the end of this program TribesforGOOD & I were able to help me develop an
ability to think like an entrepreneur and consider issues from a variety of perspectives, learning to use my skills effectively & work in a complex environment.
The solutions I recommended to tackle Poverty were implemented in an actual setup which felt great to me.

I’d recommend this program to anyone planning their travel to India or looking to contribute remotely!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
I'd recommend future travelers to be a part of this program in India. As I worked remotely, I missed a few chances to visit the community I was trying to design a solution for which would have helped me find a more accurate solution, had I met them.

Moreover, would have loved to walk between them, embrace the cultural differences we have & would have learned from them.


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Kashyap Oberoi

Job Title
Marketing Manager
Kashyap has a degree in Electronics & Telecommunications but has always had a knack for Business Communication & Operations. He works at TribesforGOOD and is keen on understanding the social impact space.

Kashyap is a foodie and travel enthusiast who wants to discover the world through a unique perspective.
Kashyap Oberoi

What is your favorite travel memory?

My favorite travel memory is of visiting Rajasthan, India. I travelled along with my friends and fell in love with the grandeur of the place. From lavish palaces and huge forts to people happily embracing their traditions & cultures with a modern touch to it.

I still can’t forget how happy we were to camp under the stars in the desert of Jaisalmer listening to folk music being played by artists that have been playing for generations. It took us to the time of nomads, being truly content to have great company and being back in touch with nature.

It was New Year’s Eve & restaurants around us had shut very early. We were famished after a long journey & an elderly gentleman, who was our guide, took us to his place & we dined with his family. We ate the traditional Rajasthani food – Daal Baati & Gatte (made out of gram flour). This was definitely one of my best travel memories.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

Working at TribesforGOOD is my first professional job and I am loving it. The best thing that’s happened to me is that I’ve been learning lots of new things & being able to get out of my comfort zone, whilst working with organizations creating a better world for all.

The team I work with is extremely supportive, innovative, humble and always trying to push the boundaries. They have facilitated my growth and helped me realize my potential in numerous aspects.
I’ve grown in terms of realizing my own potential as a change maker, helping me expand my skill set, and allowing me to gain a new perspective of thinking.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

I was really inspired by one of the students who really understood social change. He has been volunteering since he was a young kid. He really understood how a Western person could make things worse for developing countries, especially working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds. He had first seen how orphanages are not run well, how kids can be scarred for life. He worked with us on training modules for young kids. The modules were delivered by trained facilitators.

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

So here’s an interesting story. I joined TribesforGOOD as a full time professional a few months back, but even before that, I was associated with TribesforGOOD as an intern. I took up their summer internship program in Marketing & it was such a massive opportunity, which I would realize in the months to come.

I got to understand the intricacies of a social enterprise, the insights of a company’s marketing strategies & as I was working from a co-working space, it was always fun to meet various organisations and gain a new perspective of a number of various businesses.

It really helped build upon my leadership skills and I went on to organize a TEDx event at my university with the knowledge & confidence I gained by working with Tribes. Then the opportunity came to choose between working at a corporate firm and working with a social enterprise like Tribes. It was an easy choice to make.

For me it has always been about maintaining a balance between how much you take from society & how much do you give back. I am doing my bit, and would urge you to do yours.

Although I have already participated in the internship program, I would also love to take part in Young Changemakers because I can work on a unique action project!

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

We are committed to giving our participants passion, care, and commitment, and we work hard to make sure that they have an amazing time with us.

TribesForGood is unique in that we attract great professionals with extensive experience as well as a diversity of individuals from across the world. We have students and professionals who join us from different countries. Yet we all come together with one purpose and that is to make a difference in the lives of others.

We try our best to provide a very personalized experience for our participants so they get out as much as they put in. We hope that they will use what they learnt to continue working in the social impact scene around the world. We are small enough to have a friendly environment where everyone feels connected and part of our tribe. Even once people leave, they are always welcome to seek guidance and advice from us, wherever they are in the world.

I am/was especially proud of my team for building an environment of trust, growth and support.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

I believe the biggest factor for a successful company is the mission of the company & how do they acquire the right team for it. A team with a common goal, values and skills along with a positive mindset can go on to achieve success.

Functioning as a single unit and having empathy towards your teammates is what makes a company reach heights in the long run,