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Xtreme Gap Year is Thailand programs consist of group travel experiences, rich cultural interaction, paid work abroad opportunities, and the option to spend up to 12 weeks living and travelling in this exciting country.

From water sports like scuba diving and freediving, snorkeling, swimming with whale sharks to stuff like rock climbing or learning about elephants the possibilities are endless. Everything is easy and cheap in Thailand and you get so much in return. Since we know the country so well you will benefit from our contacts and expertise to get absolutely the most value for your money! We offer many amazing round trips including everything you want to see including transportation and accommodation. You can get in the shape of a lifetime on our Fitness Bootcamp or become a paid underwater filmmaker. Have a look at our programs and see for yourself!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Thailand in Review

One word to describe my four weeks backpacking Thailand with Xtreme Gap would be "crazy". During that month, I went from living beside elephants in rural Thailand, to fine dining at the top of the Baiyoke Tower, to snorkeling off the coast of Koh Tao, to dancing at the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan. Xtreme Gap had everyday planned with tons of different activities yet enough free time to explore and have fun at night. I made some great friends from all over the world through this program and we definitely share some unforgettable memories.

The only thing that was a bit lacking about Xtreme Gap was the service as they weren't super communicative and I really didn't know what to expect of the trip besides what was on the website (though there is tons of info there). Both our tour guides were great at leading us around and giving advice but sometimes it felt like we had to tell them what to do. There also were quite a few times we had to pay for activities which we felt was a bit strange. But all in all we got from place to place safely and on time and the trip was overall amazing. Just "trust the process" as everything works out great and you'll have an unbelievable time! I would definitely recommend!

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No, I don't recommend this program

Pick Another If You Can

I did the Xtreme Thailand Experience which was good but not necessarily because of the company. The people I had in my group were so cool and the tour guide we had was the best.

I initially had a problem with Xtreme Gap because they are very vague with their itinerary and the information on their website, which opens door to confusion that they DO NOT want to be accountable for. For example, I picked the Open Water Diving option yet they have SPECIFIC swimming requirements that I can't reach which wasn't on the website. If I had known, I obviously wouldn't have picked it because am I trying to drown in that water? Yet they do not want to give me the difference back when I pick another option. I'm certain this has happened with others and they still haven't changed it by adding more information to the website, indicating they enjoy scamming people. I had let them know that this had clouded my time here (1 week in, out of 4 weeks) and for 100 quid basically they're saying "that's your problem". For a big company like this, I'd expect better.

The staff that answer the emails are rude and quite frankly, unprofessional. It's been a week since I've sent my email and no response.

Take what you want from this but I'd suggest if you want a more enjoyable, honest experience, then go with a different company because they all do the same thing anyway.

What would you improve about this program?
Add more information onto the website, be more honest, accept accountability and adopt an attitude where you put the customer first.
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Response from Xtreme Gap Year

We feel very saddened by this review, but it was not unexpected. Our response here is not directed at this particular customer, because we have had multiple emails backwards and forwards, it is just a set out our side of the story. Here is our version of events.
This particular client has requested moneyback and if we did not oblige her she threatened to leave negative reviews on the Internet. The client states in the review she actually enjoyed the tour, putting a 1/10 mark clearly does not represent a truthful and honest review she is simply using it to try and extort a refund out of us. I say extort because this is exactly what it is. She's essentially saying pay me some money back or I will damage your business.
As we have explained to her a refund was not possible she is now just leaving this review out of spite.
If this was an accurate review and a genuine reflection of her experience fair enough but she's just using the review to enact a refund. This obviously puts us in a difficult position, but unfortunately we have to stick to our principles and this negative review is the price we have paid.

So what happened in this case? She booked a free diving course as part of an option of this trip. Prior to booking she was told at three points and in our terms and conditions that the trip was a non-refundable and if they did not complete certain sections of the trip it would be a non-refundable.

Halfway through the trip, bearing in mind she booked a free diving course (and on our site there is an explanation of what this is next to a guy clearly diving underwater) she wrote to us and said she couldn't swim and wanted a refund to change her trip to another option.

Because we book with our suppliers well in advance and we are committed to paying them whether people turn up or not, we informed her that I was not possible however at our own expense we would happily move her to another programme option. She then requested the difference in cost between these options.
Whilst unfortunate for this particular client, we stated that she had to take some responsibility for what she had booked. Her point was our site was not clear enough that free diving meant you had to have an ability to swim, however we disputed that.
As we explained, we were already paying for her free diving course whether she turned up not, and now we would pay for her Thai boxing course as well again that wasn't an option. At no point were we rude, it's just we weren't giving her the answers she wanted, not only that we were happy to change her trip option free of charge. At this point she started threatening us.
It then turns out that she could indeed swim. Which leads us to believe she possibly overspent or wanted more spending money on the trip and figured a refund might be a route to doing this.
So if she could swim, she could still complete the free diving course and all of this was over nothing in the first place.

While sometimes not convenient, we are very open on our website and prior to booking that refunds are not possible once you have booked on a trip.

In this case, we book our clients options many months ahead in order to facilitate the smooth running of our programmes. As you can imagine we have large groups that undertake this particular program, with groups up to 26 people, and if we were to have people cancelling last minute or changing options it becomes logistically impossible to organise these trips.

Our suppliers in this case the free diving school, have to roster staff many weeks ahead in order for us to deliver our programmes smoothly. This means we cannot refund once clients have booked and paid for their trip in full. This is stated quite clearly three times prior to the point of payment so this is not something that was just sprung on this particular customer.

This is the last email we received from the client:

"Hi, This back and forth is tiring and I'm over it now. Thanks for changing my week 4 option "for free". I'll just leave my bad review and go; it'll put at least 3 people off which is way more than the initial £110 anyway. Have a lovely day."

Despite our best efforts we were not going to win with this one.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best four months of my life

I travelled with Xtreme to five different countries - Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the USA. I can sincerely say that these were the best 4 months of my life.

The Thailand trip consisted of visiting temples (new, old, and even controlled by monkeys) an elephant week where you bathe, feed and prepare food for the elephants (I even ended up with an elephant tattoo), and two weeks on Koh Tao for a full moon party, a conservation day, a cross fit course and also managed to get a diving qualification. Aside from this, we also had an adrenaline-packed adventure day hiking, snorkelling, tubing, and swimming with sharks!

The staff were always friendly and detailed with explaining things, the food and accommodation were great, and the locations perfect. I definitely met some people that I'll meet up with again.

For Vietnam, I spent a month in the north of the country in a small group, visiting rice terraces, mountains, hiking in jungles and weaving in between rice fields on a boat, spending most of my weekends in charming Hanoi, with its constant traffic and pretty night markets.

My time in Laos and Cambodia was spent on a hop-on hop-off bus, where I was able to meet lots of different people. The homestays included were a great insight into local life, and we even took part in some rural Buddhist ceremonies, took a slow boat (and swam in) the Mekong river, visiting beautiful waterfalls, temples and caves, and even having a conversation with a monk. In Cambodia I learnt about the country's turbulent history - aided by a trip to the genocide museum and S21 killing fields) as well as seeing the beautiful beaches the county has to offer.

Lastly, I spent three weeks camping across the USA, spending time in places ranging from Vegas, Zion national park, the Grand Canyon, monument valley, Nashville, Austin, Memphis, and many more. Staying with a native Indian tribe was definitely a highlight. After 3 weeks as a family sleeping in tents, the minivan and under the stars, it felt like I was leaving a family behind.

Thank you to Xtreme for providing these amazing trips!


What would you improve about this program?
- more varied meals during 1st 2nd weeks
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Yes, I recommend this program

Thailand experience

I had a wonderful time in Thailand with Xtreme gap. I have travelled a lot in South East Asia but this Thailand experience with Xtreme gap was one of the best trips ever.

Especially the Buddhism and culture week was a lifetime experience for me I have learned so much while I was having great fun with the others in the group.

The accommodations were above my expectations!

Thank you Xtreme Gap for arranging a wonderful experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Thailand experience!

It exceeded my expectations beyond believe, I seriously cannot describe how much I enjoyed every single minute of my month long Thailand experience. It had everything, introduction week- showing what Thailand was like with their culture/religion, elephant week- which despite the long car journeys (which was actually very entertaining) was an amazing experience, being so close to them and getting our hands dirty by cutting down the banana trees, to Koh Tao paradise. Where I undertook and passed my open water diving course! Xtreme gap also provided extra activities such as Xtreme sports day and paddle boarding which added to the fun. It literally had everything I wanted out of the trip all rolled into one. Then finally the amazing group of people you get to spend it with! I'd like to thank Xtreme gap for making this all happen to me.

What would you improve about this program?
Honestly the only thing I can think of would be maybe a few less temples in the culture week- even though that's what it's about, and the car journey to Umphang was pretty difficult to handle on the back of the jeep but we got through it and it was worth it.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Thailand Xtreme Adventure

i really want to advise everybody to book with Xtreme Gap. The people are friendly and very helpfull.

Before the trip we spoke on Skype and they have send me many of brochures to show the possibilities.
My parents wanted to know what to expect, so even my mother called with the owner and she had a good feeling about the company.

first trip to Thailand, even my first trip outside Europe, so i didn't know exactly what to expect.
I went for 4 weeks, with a stop in hongkong for a couple of days.

In Thailand, we learned the language (only the basics) and even have helped on a school. The kids really enjoyed our stories and wanted to play soccer with us all day. I brought some balloons because Xtreme Gap told me it was a nice gift for them and it would easily fit in my backpack. It was really fun, such a small gesture but such a big smile on their faces!

sure i have seen all the beaches as you can see only in the movies and did some scuba diving as well, but the nights at the beaches were amazing. Party all night, making friends from all over the world.. i love Koh Tao!!!

The Muay Thai training was great, although i couldn't use my arms and legs the day after.

Elephants, the cutest animals ever. and so amazingly clever, it was so much fun. we crossed a river with a guide on the elephants back.

the food, i loved the food!
Not all, but Xtreme Gap advised me to avoid certain places and certain food. Before i booked, and even in the plain i was afraid of being sick because of the food. But i didn't have a problem with any food. the drinks however....

It was really good to know for people who might want to book this trip that i have made a lot of new friends. Even before my trip, i got a list of people who are there the same time as i would be so i could already chat with them and get to meet them.
I even met Steve before the trip and had an amazing time with him when we met in Koh Tao.

The temples we beautifull and inspiring. So much peace and harmony, i wish we could have some of that culture in Europe.

After the trip i spoke with Xtreme Gap, and they even used some of my photos on their website.

this year i can't, but next year i will definitely book with them again.

What would you improve about this program?
if i had to change one thing,i would suggest to advise the new clients to bring more small gifts for the kids, it is worth it!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Thailand Experience Xtreme Gap Review

I had amazing time on the Thailand experience from Xtreme gap year. What can I say the best four weeks of my life! The trip cost a little bit over £1000 and I'm very pleased to say that I could really tell that my money had been spent wisely. There were 20 of us in the group, and we all got to do lots of different activities. The trip was really well structured, it offered a really nice balance of cultural experiences, adventure and beach time. I made some great friends, and had some really good experiences. My personal favourite was learning to scuba dive, but I also did stand-up paddle, and trekking. LOVED EVERY MINUTE!

What would you improve about this program?
I would go for longer!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fun in the Sun

As an experienced backpacker I can say, I saw a lot more with this company than I would have on my own. For first time travelers this is the best way to live large meet great people and see a wide variety of Thailand. From Temple hopping to elephant riding to full moon parties, you really do get a great range. Also unlike other tours ive done you get to meet and more so become family with locals. I spent my 21st birthday here at a man I call Uncles bar in the north mountains of Thailand accompanied by fun loving travelers even though they had all been strangers a mere 48 hours prior.
I am normally extremely hesitant about doing group tours because theyre are normally a tourist taste of the land but I felt more locally immersed than even my solo travels. My grandfather passed on the tour and the company paid for me to drive down to Bangkok and stay at another program I didn't even sign up for while I waited for news.
If your skeptical don't be, this program and the staff have your back, and unless your not human you will have a dope and incredible time!

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