Multiple Locations +7
  • United States of America
    • New York
  • Kenya
    • Nairobi
  • China
    • Beijing
  • India
    • Delhi
  • Brazil
    • São Paulo
  • France
    • Paris
  • Turkey
    • Istanbul
26 - 52 weeks

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Fall Spring Year Round
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Baret Scholars is similar to that of a year at a top-tier university in the United States, even though the Baret program is in 7 regions of the world versus a single campus. For 2024–25, Baret Scholars tuition will be $64,500. Baret Scholars provides and arranges for all flights and transportation plus 7-days-a-week room and dining for the entire program year. This includes for the fall term (from Sept 8, 2024 to December 15, 2025) and for the winter/spring term (from January 15 to May 22.) It also includes all Travel/Room/ Dining Fees for both the Home Base cities and for the Fellowship cities. We are also offering 20 full scholarships ($105,000 each) and 20 honor scholarships ($10,000).
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Nov 06, 2023
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About Program

Before and beyond college, Baret Scholars explore 7 regions of the world, their passions, and their purpose. This will be their best year yet. The 4 elements of Baret Scholars are crafted to offer a sense of structure within a realm of freedom.

1. The Morning
In every region, we bring expert speakers, thinkers, artists, and leaders to inspire a nuanced understanding of the world they’re exploring and the lives they’re planning: like a traveling TED.

2. Independent Exploration
Students choose how to spend afternoons, evenings, and their long weekends. Nothing is forced - but everything is on the table.

3. Advising Program
Traveling with the 180 Baret Scholars are 15 full-time advisors who come from all corners of the globe and are experts in all corners of life.

4. Fellowships - 105 to Choose From
In each region, students choose how they spend their last 10 days. A panoply of opportunities are given to them, all educationally themed and led by Fellows.

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Program Highlights

  • A Purpose Filled College Experience
  • Broader Career Opportunities
  • A New World of Friends and Worldwide Network
  • Seeing Home Through a New Lens
  • Advancement of Skills and Interests

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