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Design your education through Experience Institute. We’re an innovative 12-month program that combines a focused curriculum with a flexible learning model to provide students with the opportunity to learn hands-on within their industry of preference.

Whether you’re interested in design, business, technology or social innovation, we create the curriculum and build the network that best allows you to gain the skills, confidence, and creative agency you’ll need to take the next step. From a remote village in the Philippines to a renowned architectural firm in Seattle, from downtown Chicago to the Australian outback, students engage in immersive and unique portfolio-enriching experiences including apprenticeships, workshops, conferences, and volunteer positions. You define your goals. You determine your experiences. You design your future.

To learn more, please visit us at www.expinstitute.com

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Costs: Our tuition is $13,000 for the duration of the 12-month program. This covers classes, space, faculty and mentorship, student resources, events, and our end of year celebration.

Additional: Students will need to set aside personal funds for travel, food, lodging during their apprenticeships, and any further resources.

Funding: Many companies offer stipends for apprenticeships to help offset the costs of tuition, travel, and living. We have some scholarships available. For additional funding, we have negotiated a special partnership with Earnest, a personal lending company that provides low-interest loans to financially responsible individuals so that they can achieve their goals.

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32 years old
United States
University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign

The Most Transformative Year of My Life


The Experience Institute provides a system and flexible structure to help make chaos of our crazy world. I'm no stranger to learning by doing and experiences, I had worked, studied and traveled through more than 50 countries before joining Ei and attribute much of my being and attitude to these experiences. The differentiator with Ei is that you're armed with tools to help process and reflect on your experiences, this is where I've learned some of the most valuable lessons of my life. We do three 3-month long apprenticeships working on a project that you have the opportunity to define and then we come back to Chicago in between the apprenticeships to regroup with fellow classmates and leading industry professionals. Knowing this community is in my corner and being able to come back to them so we can learn together is a game-changer. If you're considering Ei, get ready for a fantastic learning journey.

How can this program be improved?

I wish we were able to spend more time together as a class, maybe even work on a project together for a month or two.

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32 years old
Sacramento, CA, United States
William Jessup University

Learning by doing


This program offers an opportunity to jump into real-world projects alongside professionals and creative leaders in a variety of industries. Never before have I been so challenged, yet encouraged by the support and insights provided by the program's staff and the professionals I was able to collaborate with.

How can this program be improved?

I would like to have more time with my classmates. Or, I think the program would benefit from having classmates go out to do projects and apprenticeships in tandem. This is totally a possibility within the current framework of the program, but I think it could also be an expected part of the program's model.

About The Provider

Experience Institute (Ei) is creating a new type of higher education rooted in transformative experiences. At Ei, undergraduate and grad-level students learn within their industry of preference through immersive and unique portfolio-enriching experiences that include apprenticeships with innovative companies, mentoring from industry leaders, group workshops,