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Learn wilderness emergency skills with Broadreach this summer in Belize! This is a 22 day long course for 10-11 graders. During this trip, participants will learn basic medical care skills in the context of rural and undeveloped rural areas. Students will also be exposed to western medical traditions as well as gain an understanding of non-western holistic medicine.

These skills will be put into practice during service trips to local health clinics in the village of San Ignacio. This experience offers students a deep insight into public health on a global scale. Participants will earn Wilderness First Response Certification and college credit during their program.

Learn more about emergency medical programs in Belize with Broadreach on their website!

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An UnBELIZE Experience

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to enroll on this trip. I read the itinerary and the course syllabus, but nothing on the website or in the informational brochures could give justice to the indescribable experience I had on this trip. The students I along with our adult leaders began a family in those three weeks. On day three our bond was secured with a track into dark, spectacular Mayan caves where we first began to work as a team and trust each other after we blindly guided each other around stalagmite and stalactite structures just waiting there to inpale one of us. This trust and friendship was there throughout this trip and really helped us succeed in our WFR course which was the most intense part of the trip. Spending hours at night studying and practicing our skills was worth it when collectively we all passed the practical and received all As on the written portion. I have never had so much fun taking vitals, playing unconius or "spine safe" carrying a guy almost twice my weight. This course was challenging but to this day I still get excited to share my certifications and demonstrate my skills. Following our course volunteering in the hospital, nursing home and vitals clinic was unforgettable. We truly made a change in someone else lives. But most of all this experience changed mine. Not only were these 3 weeks fun, but they were unforgettable.

How can this program be improved?
Some of the accomadations were dirty and lacked enough fans to keep us cool in the Belizean humidity and heat. while the food was really good at most locations, there wasn't much variety and when we stayed at the location where they served only vegetarian meals, most of us were still hungry and needed to eat a lot of snacks during lessons later. I also wished there were more hands on volunteer activities at the hospital besides just shadowing doctors, nurses and lb technicians. I would have been really cool to practice my skills more.
Yes, I recommend this program
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From a Small Mountain Town to a Small Mayan Village

While on my Broadreach program I experienced many life changing adventures, and friendships I will cherish for a very long time. One of the craziest experiences was after we had finished our WFR certification and were volunteering at La Loma Luz 7th Day Adventist hospital in San Ignacio, and at the Cornerstone Foundation in downtown San Ignacio. On one of my rotations at Cornerstone the trip intern Jonathan noticed my water bottle, he recognized the company, one from my small mountain town in Wyoming, one that I happen to work for. He then realized where I was from, having missed initial introductions, and we connected many mutual friends and experiences. Besides this I have never seen something as breathtaking and impressive as the Actun Tunich Muknal Caves (ATM) that we got to tour and explore. Belize, Broadreach, and the WFR were amazing.

Yes, I recommend this program
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An Incredible 3 Weeks

My decision to go on the Belize Wilderness Emergency Medicine trip with Broadreach was definitely among the best decisions I've ever made. We were able to learn, grow, and experience so much in three mere weeks. We learned an incredible amount about wilderness emergency medicine, got certified as WFRs (Wilderness First Responders), and made close friends with people from all over the country and world with similar interests. When we weren't learning, we were hiking in the lush rainforest, spelunking in a Mayan cave, swimming in the crystal clear waters of a waterfall, or visiting an authentic Mayan chocolate factory/shop for a late night treat. We were even given the amazing opportunity to watch a C-section and hysterectomy at the Belizean hospital we were shadowing at. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
Almost all of the accommodations were way above what I was expecting (some were really awesome! but get used to the bugs), the food was delicious, and the WFR course was very hands-on and really fun. My counselors (Steve and Jessie) and WFR instructor (Ed) went above and beyond to make this trip amazing for us. Definitely one of the best summers of my life.

How can this program be improved?
The accommodations at Mayacenter were pretty rustic- definitely would have preferred to stay somewhere nicer for that portion of the trip. However, we were only there for 2-3 days and the rest of the locations were pretty nice.
Yes, I recommend this program

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