Broadreach: British Columbia Marine Mammal Studies

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Learn about marine mammals in Canada's British Columbia with Broadreach. This 22 day program for high school students in 10-11 grade combines seminars with out-at-sea excursions alongside professional researchers.

There is no better place than British Columbia to observe the world's most majestic marine mammals. See humpback whales, seals, sea lions, and dolphins and learn more about how humans effect their ecosystem and vice versa. Participants will also have the opportunity for bonding activities with their classmates. High school students have the opportunity to earn 3 college credits in marine science.

Visit the Broadreach website to learn more about marine mammal programs in British Columbia!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Marine Mammal Studies Expedition

My experience at Broadreach has been life changing. One of my favorite parts of the program is that we were constantly exploring outdoors. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in so many unique environments through different perspectives. While snorkeling I saw an array of vibrant sea stars slowly inching down into the low tide. On kayaking trips we got to paddle over kelp beds, do open water crossings, and watch pods of orcas porpoising by us. While we were camping off the grid I watched beautiful sunsets with the group. While whale watching, we saw bait balls, Steller Sea Lions, bald eagles, river otters and sea otters. At one of the field stations I went swimming in bioluminescence at midnight and while floating on my back looked up at the stars. This trip was life changing because I want to do it again, and because it inspired an overwhelming and profound appreciation for nature within the whole group that I hadn’t been exposed to before.
Having a small group of students on the expedition allowed for an amazing community to develop. We all had a lot of fun together doing group activities and cooking meals, and were also there to support each other if someone was feeling homesick, or when exams were coming up. The instructors were also a huge factor in everyone being so supported. Our group learned a lot about marine mammals and conservation through field work, lessons, projects, and interacting with researchers at different field stations. Overall, the expedition maintained a great balance between having fun and learning about marine ecosystems.

What would you improve about this program?
It would have been helpful to be given a bit more time on the research projects, but that's it.
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Yes, I recommend this program

British Columbia: Marine Sciences

This course was absolutely life changing, through the mindfulness excercises it provided me with a door to my inner self and also a time to reflect on prior and future actions. Besides that and the amazing food, housing, and tent life, the occasional whale sighting and intense scenery truly put this trip over the top. The highlight of the trip for me though was being able to spend time at the research station and present our science projects to true marine biologists. I highly recommend this trip to anyone with an interest in Marine Biology, a want to learn about an amazing native culture, or just want to see some amazing vistas.

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing I would change about this nearly flawless course, is the flow in learning and the oddball questions that were in the midterm and final.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My thoughts

During my time in Broadreach, it was my first time in Canada so I loved the experience. This one evening, we were at this encampment the night before going on our last kayaking trip, the ride had been long and it has rained a lot, it was my day as the organizer of sorts like we do at Broadreach and everyone was feeling down but then my amazing instructors steph and Quinn brought out marshmallows and Nutella! Just that day I had a little internet connection and my dad had told me I should video tape my friends and so I did. During this trip, I had become a kind of "mother" to my friends because I always had duct tape and I always told them things to not forget. Ironically I was also the youngest of our group but we were all a pretty tight family, so after flubs and gloss we sat around our first fire because the fire ban had been removed and I did an interview to all my friends! We had such an amazing time it was hilarious and I still look at the interviews they're extremely funny, my favorite was of Kayley say "hi my name is kayley and this is my 23rd marshmallow" it was funny because she loved marshmallow tortillas with Nutella and marshmallows but I just ate the Nutella, we had a very fun night and the rest of the trip and the whole trip was amazing! We shared stories and we were always on the same page no matter where we were from or how old we were. It was really a moment that I cherished the most.

What would you improve about this program?
Well I loved the idea of having the first kayaking trip as the hardest and then the second one as a base camp that was great so definitely I would advise you not to switch them around, I heard it was done one time and well I was glad it wasn't to me! If I had to change one thing that would definitely be variation in food! Yes I love tortillas and wraps and burritos but eating them for 3 weeks practically every lunch kind of put me off it for at least a year! As well as peppers! However since I'm not from America I had never tasted a bagel and almighty they were great so keep 'em coming!!
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