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Oct 03, 2023
Oct 25, 2023
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Discover your passion for animals through our international veterinary medicine and wildlife conservation programs for high school and middle schoolers. Choose from 2-3 week programs in the Bahamas, Costa Rica or Ecuador, working with animals in a variety of settings and learning what life as a veterinarian, wildlife biologist or rehabilitation specialist is like. Experience some of the most biodiverse locations on the planet first-hand and witness conservation in action in the Amazon rainforest and Galápagos islands. Work alongside professionals and participate in hands-on field research while earning college credit. Have a blast with your new group on these unique adventures!

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  • Earn 2 or 3 natural science college credits.
  • Gain hands-on clinical experience with animal care professionals.
  • Conduct biological surveys in cloud forests, coastal parks, and rainforests.
  • Experience adventure activities from whitewater rafting to kayaking to snorkeling
  • Support conservation efforts to protect unique species and vital ecosystems.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Wonderful vet summer program!

I attended the Costa Rica Broadreach veterinary adventure. Those three weeks were some of the most rewarding, exhilarating, and eventful weeks of my life. By the end of our trip, the counselors became both role models and friends, and the group of students formed close, unbreakable bonds. Broadreach constructed a wonderful balance of veterinary lectures, field exercises, and fun activities. The food provided was always accommodating to everyone's personal needs, and delicious (I am a very picky eater and this was one of my main concerns, but it was very yummy!). The Costa Rica veterinary experience takes place in many locations in the country, so our sleeping arrangements changed every couple of days. With that being said, our sleeping accommodations were clean and spacious.

  • Being together for 3 weeks helps build a tight knit group of people who share similar interests.
  • Working with a variety of animals, such as cows, horses, dogs, and wildlife, can help you further figure out your interests.
  • The program will expose you to a variety of people from Costa Rica, who are endlessly welcoming and can't wait to teach you about their culture and animals.
  • Although I wouldn't have it any other way, the days are pretty packed with lectures, hands on animal experiences, and fun activities. There is not a lot of free time!
  • This was one of my favorite parts, but there are a lot of bugs in Costa Rica (some pretty cool ones, I would say!).
  • When working with animals, especially cows, expect to get very dirty!
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Yes, I recommend this program

The program that made my future worth fighting for

I touched down in Costa Rica after a 12 hour flight from Germany, and was instantly blown away by my surroundings. I had grown up in a Middle Eastern city and so was in awe of the sheer amount of vegetation that surrounded me. It is not only a vegetated country, but one teeming with wildlife, and it wasn't difficult to spot a family of white faced monkeys or a crocodile in a river wherever you went. Unfortunately, this did mean very few of us left with less than 20 insect bites, and it made nights a war between man and bug.
Even so, that awe and excitement I had initially felt never left me once, and every day of the programme became my new favourite. I started the program wondering if I wanted to become a veterinarian, and left with an unshakable motive to pursue this career. The way the trip was put together completely sold the profession for me, and gave me the perception of Costa Rica as my home.
Whether it was cows, horses, dogs, cats, primates, or a wide variety of wildlife such as two toed sloths, the program allowed us to investigate them all, shadowing surgeries, acting as anaesthesiologists, practicing sutures and saving the animals we cared about so much. At one of the wildlife sanctuaries we were at, I had the opportunity to hear the heartbeat of a sloth, which completely changed my perfection of what life was.
Not only was there a large variety of wildlife, but we also visited 5/7 regions in Costa Rica over 3 weeks, and saw sights we would never forget. Rivers, dense jungle, waterfalls, rapids, lush fields, fiery sunsets, national parks, rolling ocean waves, and even volcanoes!
As you probably do, I had my doubts as to if this program is too good to be true. In all honesty, I expected something to go wrong at any moment, but it never did. The only issue is who your group is, because your trip-mates can make or break the trip, as you continuously share close quarters which can be uncomfortable at times. If you're not good at communicating with people, this aspect of the trip may pose as a struggle. Another prime issue is petty crime in Costa Rica. Thankfully we had no incidents, but it's important to be aware and keep your belongings close at all times.
To wrap up, if you're a high school student, aspiring veterinarian, and someone who loves nature, this is the summer program for you!

  • Most exciting 3 weeks of my life
  • College credit and answers career questioning
  • Massive range of animals to gain experience with
  • Cost heavy if you live far from Costa Rica
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