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Lodging in a residence hall
3 meals a day
Medical and accident insurance
24-hour emergency assistance
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20 hours of classes per week
Daily Cultural Outings (museums, city tours)
Local transportation card
Arrival orientation and language level placement test
Airport pickup and drop off to/from Berlin airport
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Jan 08, 2024
Jul 16, 2019
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About Program

Spend up to 6 weeks this summer in Berlin with Greenheart Travel's summer language camp! Known for its creative energy and historical sites, you can fully immerse yourself in the city of Berlin while learning the language and living with a host family.

Study alongside other international teens and experience life abroad, making this an unforgettable summer experience. Get a head start in your language fluency with 15 hours of classes per week on this full immersion cultural program.

- 15 morning classes a week (3 classes per day for 50 minutes each)
- Classes are taught by native German teachers who specialize in teaching German as a foreign language
- Daily, fully chaperoned cultural activities & excursions
- Certificate of Completion to use on college applications

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Diversity & Inclusion

BIPOC Support

We appreciate that everyone has a unique worldview and value everyone regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, ability, military status, religion, sexual orientation or political view. We are committed to building relationships and ensuring everyone we encounter feels welcomed, respected, and accepted. Greenheart is committed to helping anyone find the best program fit and will go the extra mile to make sure our participants feel safe and supported wherever they end up.

LGBTQIA+ Support

Greenheart Travel welcomes travelers identifying as LGTBQ+, and is committed to helping you find the best program for you. We can provide information on the cultural norms of our destination countries and are prepared to advise you on the best programs based on your needs and interests.
While most of our programs could be a good fit, we also know that certain cultures and countries are more accepting of and prepared to host LGBTQ+ people than others. We are committed to working with LGBTQ+ people to determine which experiences may be the right fit for them. Please reach out if you want to discuss which of our programs might fit you best ahead of applying at travelabroad@greenheart.org or set up a phone call with us here.

Neurodivergent Support

Greenheart works with partners who have varying levels of what is considered "good mental health". While we cannot change their eligibility conditions, we will work with participants to the best of our abilities in order to get them the program placement they want. We encourage you to discuss your specific situation with us directly, before securing these documents.

Accessibility Support

Greenheart Travel welcomes students of varying ability to explore their study abroad options! While resources and support differ from country to country, Greenheart Travel staff work with individual students as needed to find program options that will set students up for success.



We believe in supporting our travelers to make a positive impact in their communities. The Greenheart Club provides Greenheart Grant funding to alumni projects all over the world.
As the leading eco-friendly exchange organization, we are passionate about helping travelers explore the globe while respecting the environment and cultural heritage of the destinations they explore.

Ethical Impact

Greenheart Travel is a branch of Greenheart International, a Chicago-based organization that connects people and planet to create global leaders through personal development, volunteer service, environmentalism, fair trade, and cultural exchange. We provide resources, grants, and experiences to those who want to immerse themselves in another culture and leave it better than when they arrived. Through volunteering, creating relationships and more.

Program Highlights

  • Lodging in a residence hall or host family and 3 meals per day included in the program
  • Medical Insurance and 24/7 Emergency Contact Support
  • Assistance from a personal program manager before, during and after your program
  • Daily Cultural Outings (museums, city tours) included
  • Local transportation card included during your program

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  • Growth 4
  • Support 4.5
  • Fun 5
  • Housing 4.5
  • Safety 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Berlin summer camp

Going to Berlin through greenheart was an amazing experience for me. There were a lot of people from a lot of different places, so I got to meet people from all over the world. In my room, we were one Turkish, two Belarussians and a Francoamerican - and that’s only our room. German classes were good although I think I should have been more militant about them putting me in the right class - if you go, make sure to be on their backs about that. The rooms were fine, we just didn’t have space to put away our clothes. The staff was really nice, and we got to do a lot of activities, with a lot of free time every day. Overall, I think this experience is totally worth it, especially if you find people who are willing to only speak german with you.

What would you improve about this program?
Having space to put away clothes, eating better food
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Yes, I recommend this program

Two Week Language Camp in Berlin: My experience

Well, where to start? Having been back in the US for the past month, I've had time to reflect on the program: what I liked, how it shaped me, what I now miss. I'll just start with the facts, things I didn't know before stepping off the plane that I think any potential traveler should know.

1) Get ready for lots of German!
Before arriving, I lamented that I was traveling over 5,000 miles just to speak English with other Americans. I was proven wrong on all counts. I was able to speak German literally from when I arrived, jetlagged and all, in Berlin, where a representative of the DID Deutsch Institut met with me. From there I proceeded to speak German with the DID transport driver, then the staff as they checked me in, then even more during our presentation that night. While it takes some getting used to, this is an absolutely invaluable opportunity to practice around the clock and the entire focus of the program, from classes to excursions, are primarily conducted in German. Obviously, they will speak English for you if need be, but I recommend speaking as much as possible with the program staff! I made it my goal to only communicate with the DID staff in German, and barring a few slip ups, I did!

2) There won't be many Americans there. Embrace it!
Following the language point, I was equally shocked to discover that I was only one of three Americans out of 70 individuals at the program! This was likely the best aspect of the program for me, as I was able to make friends from countless countries and learn about their cultures as well as I practiced German. For example, I had a Ukranian, an Estonian and a Slovenian as my roommates, and we still talk frequently to this day! You'll make friends across multiple continents and dozens of countries, and if you're like me, even get to practice your French and Spanish with the other students while you're there!

3) Know Greenheart Travel's role in the program.
Greenheart Travel does a fantastic job coordinating the program, but only the DID Institut runs the program. Don't expect anyone from Greenheart Travel running the program while you're at the program, the DID Deutsch Institut has a team of qualified teachers and counselors that handle all aspects of the program. Personally, coming off the plane with my Greenheart Travel T-shirt, I expected that they would have a bigger role there than they did. However, this is not a problem at all, and several times a representative of the company checked in with me to make sure everything was alright and that I was acclimating to my new environment. Think of them as a facilitator, not an organizer, and you'll be right on track.

Those were the main points that I didn't know before arriving. I'll go into some specifics now I know you're dying to hear about. I was too, so I'll do my best.

How are the classes?

In german, and heavily focused on speaking. Don't come expecting to do intensive grammar. Rather, be prepared to develop your speaking skills for more informal/ natural settings. They're also quite flexible level wise. I was able to advance to the most advance class after the first week, and this level (comparable to a B2 or upper intermediate) challenged me and made me think in new ways. You also get a certificate at the end, which is nice. But honestly, I learned the most German by speaking to counselors and other Germans I encountered. Speak as much as you can!

How's the living space?
Here's another thing I didn't know before coming. You're not going to a specific school per say. There is no campus. Rather, you stay in a hotel/ hostel that DID has reserved the top floor for to have classes in small settings of 12-18 people. There's also a great rooftop hangout spot we always went to every night.

How's the activities?
Very structured, and fun. The program is not designed to give you much freetime, with about an hour and a half being the most I had to go off with my friends unsupervised. However, all activities are exciting, very well organized, and informative. Examples include the zoo, former Statsi prisons, and a tour of Berlin's most famous monuments. Check with a Greenheart representative to get the current schedule from a DID representative, as it changes week by week. You also have the option to choose between 3 separate excursions, both in the afternoon and in the evening, so that is quite nice as well.

How's the social scene?
Very fun, but don't expect a crazy time. Each friday, the camp has a party. My first friday was an oscar themed party in the hotel. But the week after that we went to a nightclub, which was one of my all time favorites parts of the program. Don't expect to drink alcohol, even if it is legal there! They make sure you have fun responsibly.

How's security?
Extremely safe. Their set of rules and guidelines ensure no one goes off on their own, or leaves the premises without permission. Even in the wake of unfortunate terror attacks through europe in the past few months, Berlin also felt like a very safe city with a strong police presence. Greenheart also does a good job of assuaging any anxieties you may have; they sent my father well developed emails and sat through on phone calls with him to assure him of safety after the attacks in broader Germany the week before I arrived.

That's all I can think of so far, I hope this does a good job of giving you an idea of what the program was for me. I can truly say it was a transformative time for me, having experienced a range of unique snapshots of this larger city from lectures in German at the Anti-War Museum to traveling out to a lakeside beach located in the Berlin area. I would highly recommend this trip for any other interested students who have a passion for German and other cultures, and want to have an exciting time you can't find in the states. If this review didn't cover something you wished you knew, just shoot Greenheart an email and they'll get back to you with the info! Thanks so much, and happy travels!

What would you improve about this program?
I touch on a few improvements in my general review above, but I'll quickly restate some points.

1) More transparency about what the program involves.
Like I said, I was one of three Americans out of 70. Perhaps it was just me, but I felt like Greenheart didn't prep me for that element of the program. A welcome surprise all the same, but I'd encourage you to be proactive in terms of what kind of information you want Greenheart to provide.

2) Don't expect a three course meal every night. This program is incredibly cost effective, so the quality of food there is not particularly of note. I found myself enjoying a good amount of meals, but often had the same three choices for breakfast and tired of the choices by the end. The good thing though is that you can go out during the lunch and dinner periods with two other friends, and try and find some other options there. I'd recommend Doner Kebab!

3) Like I said, not much freetime.
The majority of participants are 16 or 17. Yet there are a handful of younger students there, and the program plans accordingly. Their high safety rating comes from a high level of control, including silence in the dorms at 11. (That rule was especially hard for my group to follow) Just be aware of this, and you should be fine. I still had a lot of fun during activities, and mostly hung out with friends during freetime instead of going out.

That's it! Overall, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives for me, and I think they'll do the same for you.
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