YES in Spain: Language & Culture Immersion in Seville, Spain
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YES in Spain: Language & Culture Immersion in Seville, Spain

Why study Spanish with YES (Youth Exchanges in Spain)?

We offer effective language learning by immersing students in Spanish language and culture. There's simply no better way to learn a new language. Our programs also take students outside of the classroom and into the natural environment of languages!

The language skills you will learn at YES will enhance your employment opportunities as more ever, employers know that candidates who have studied abroad tend to be more informed, confident, self-sufficient, and adaptable to changing conditions.

Our summer immersion programs are a comprehensive 3- or 4- week course designed to optimize learning. Students are placed in a homestay with a Spanish family; enjoy excursions to various Andalusian sites; are paired with a Spanish ¨intercambio¨ of the same age; study history, language and culture in Spanish; and are offered many cultural activities to facilitate language learning.

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Great Experience!

Absolutely enjoyed myself in Spain for 3 weeks as I was hosted by wonderful parents who enjoyed having me. The program instructors were great individuals who were very informative and fun to be around.

Yes, I recommend
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What a great Experience!

I had a great time immersing myself in the Spanish culture through YES in Spain. The teachers were very helpful and so fun that class didn't really feel like class at all! I would reccomend this program to anyone looking to experience Spain!

How can this program be improved?

better connections with the intercambios

Yes, I recommend
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I Can't Wait to Go Back!!!

I was absolutely in love with this program. It was worth every penny. The teachers, Sonía and Reyes were absolutely amazing and I learned so much from them. I gained so much fluency from them and by living and speaking with my host family. It was a wonderful program that combined schooling as well as daily life interactions. I hope I can go back someday and visit with all the wonderful people I met in Spain.

How can this program be improved?

I think I would make the trip to Granada longer. Maybe three or even four days. Granada was so beautiful and I felt that you couldn't really get a true view of its deep culture in only 1 and a half days.

Yes, I recommend
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Best Three Weeks of My Life

Before I traveled to Spain, I was a normal Spanish student. I got "OK" grades and it was not really my biggest priority. I decided to go to get experience traveling abroad and it changed my life. They paired me with an exchange student that had SO much in common with me right from the start, making it easy to adapt to the new social settings. We also got to visit so many monumental places, places that are only imaginable in pictures, and they are experiences made real. I was there during the World Cup, and many activities were programmed into our schedule to surround us with pure Spanish culture. Before my trip with Yes in Spain, I was just a normal Spanish student. Now, I am acing my Spanish five class, I have tested into 300 level Spanish at Indiana University Bloomington, and I have gained life long experiences and friends that will last a lifetime. I am proud to say that Yes in Spain has changed my entire life course. I will now become a Spanish teacher.

Yes, I recommend
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Worth every Euro =)

I went to Spain with YES the summer before my senior year, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I got to learn more Spanish by being completely immersed in the language, but I also learned about the culture and history. Sevilla (or Seville in English) is FULL of historic landmarks from the Torre de Oro (Golden Tower) to Sevilla's beautiful cathedral that I walked by everyday on my way to school. The teachers at YES are Spanish natives and go with you on your excursions. They speak to you in Spanish and challenge you to keep learning. And once the classes are over and you're home from your excursion, it's time to meet your intercambios. These are Spanish students that have been your "pen pal" for the months leading up to your visit. We would meet up almost every night to hang out with our new friends and get to know what it is like to be a teenager living in Spain! This is really an amazing program. It's a chance to visit another country and actually experience the living culture as well as make new friends and understand world cultures better.

Yes, I recommend
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The YES Experience

Going into the the YES exchange program, I had decent expectations. When I arrived, everything was completely taken care of for me. I was astounded by how smoothly everything operated. Whenever I had any questions, the program directors were very kind, and always provided me with an answer. The teachers were fantastic, entertaining and informative. For example, on excursions they would always explain the historical significance of a site and proceed to explain the significance of the site today.

I had a wonderful experience at YES and would definitely recommend the program to any high schoolers interested in expanding their Spanish speaking skills as well as their interest in the Spanish culture.

Yes, I recommend

About YES (Youth Exchanges in Spain)

YES (Youth Exchanges in Spain) is an educational organization created to provide quality education to international students. A fresh and innovative organization, YES is dedicated to the needs of students in a global learning environment.