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On our “High school in Spain” program, we will enroll you in a private high school of recognized quality, located in one of the best areas of Seville. You will live with a host family specially selected for you, enjoying a wide range of activities and excursions, while all the time having the support of a local coordinator for anything you need.

If you are a high school student or recent graduate and want to discover another part of the world, this extraordinary High school program is made for you! Choose between a whole year, semester, or any other length of your convenience that will allow you to immerse yourself in another culture, learn a new language and live with a host family who will open their home and hearts to you.

  • Focused on the closeness, trust and personalized attention we give to students and families.
  • Local agency, no intermediary agents, we know the schools, principals, teachers and host families personally.
  • Small groups of students each year, so excellence in student care is guaranteed.

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  • Support 10
  • Fun 9.7
  • Housing 9.7
  • Safety 10
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Life in Seville exceeded my expectations!

At first I felt a little pressured by my parents to study in Spain. My grandmother is from Colombia, so Spanish has always been very important to my family. However it was hard for me to speak it and this language barrier was something I really feared when traveling to Spain. Thank God it was not a problem. My host family and my school were really friendly and were always there to help me and understand me with the language.
My coordinator spoke fluent English so it was a lot easier to share my frustrations with her during my stay in Spain.
After having lived this experience, I am really happy my parents pushed me to do it. It has been an incredible experience in all aspects and it has given me a new point of view of the world and clarified what I want to do with my future.

Yes, I recommend this program
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A great immersion program!

I chose this program because I wanted a program with total immersion (Spanish school and host family) and I wanted it to be in Seville because I have a friend who had been there the previous year and he was fascinated by the city. The experience has been very positive and I highly recommend it.

My High school in Spain has been amazing and has allowed me to make many friends in Seville. First, I was shocked because dealing with the teachers and principal of the school was very different from what I was used to: everything is much more informal and direct, but it turned out to be very helpful for me. There were some American students, but few of them (in my class there were 2), and another girl from Canada, but most of my classmates were from Spain.

My level of Spanish when I arrived was basic, but my coordinator assigned me a private tutor of Spanish every day for the first few months who was very involved in my evolution. After 6 months, my development of Spanish was incredible, and I am very proud because learning to develop my Spanish was one of my main objectives

I feel very grateful for the support that my coordinator has given me all these months. She has always been very kind and helpful and has always been available when I needed her.

My host family lived in a pretty nice neighborhood in the city center, which was very close to the school, and it turned out to be excellent from every point of view.

I invite anyone who wants to have a similar experience away from home, do not hesitate. Spanish culture is very different from ours, but the effort is really worth it.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My unbelievable semester in Spain

I cannot believe that my semester in Seville is about to come to an end. Seville is a beautiful, fun city with wonderful people who have always made me feel at ease.
Relating to Seville Abroad, I would emphasize their proximity, they visited my family and me in my house in USA, before my travelling to Spain. They have given me their support all the time, before travelling until the end of the program, communication has been excellent. They do their best to give you whatever you need, they have treated me like one of the family, specially my coordinator Patricia, who has taken care of me with affection and has always been by my side supporting me both personal and academically in the most difficult moments of adaptation.
My Spanish family has been the best part of this adventure!! I feel like I can't thank them enough... Thanks to my host mom for being so affectionate with me, for taking care of me, for treating me like her own daughter and cooking the best meals in the world! And thanks to Lucia, my sister for life!! Thank you for being everything to me, for helping me, teaching me, for you love, for your patience and for taking me with you everywhere!!

Yes, I recommend this program

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