From dark, lush forests to the legend of Dracula, Romania makes for a fascinating place to study or volunteer abroad while in high school.

While studying abroad as a high schooler, you could head to Romania to study anything from journalism to archaeology. Or, as a volunteer, you could help conserve the local bear population. Regardless, high school abroad in Romania will make for a unique experience.

Further, Romania is one of the safest places to visit in Eastern Europe and the language, Romanian, being one of the few romance languages in Eastern Europe is one of the easier ones to learn. Students will be able to experience the rich and mysterious cultures of Romania while discovering for themselves whether or not Dracula is real.

Romania is great for students who are interested in living abroad, learning Romania, volunteering, and Dracula.

Planning Your Trip


To study in Romania for longer than 90 days, (for example a semester to a year) students are required to have a student visa upon arrival in Romania. This type of visa is easy to apply for online ahead of time but you should plan for it to take around two months to process. Programs will assist with visa applications.


Most programs in Romania place students with a host family. All, or at least some, meals are typically included.


Program costs can range from $3,000 to $15,000 depending on which program you chose and how long you wish to stay. Some program fees do include airfare and three meals per day. For personal expenses, students should budget around $30 per day on the high end.

A fun fact about Romanian money: it's plastic!

Packing Tips

Romania has hot summers and long, cold winters with a brisk fall and spring in the middle. In addition to weather appropriate clothes, be sure to pack:

  • A reusable water bottle
  • Gifts for your host family
  • An adapter for electronics
  • A day bag
  • Comfortable pairs of shoes (preferably boots in the winter)
  • A rain jacket or umbrella

Health & Safety


No vaccines are required to visit Romania.


The local populations of Romani (gypsies) are a fascinating group but, unfortunately, have been known to pickpocket. Be extra careful with where you place your wallet and how you hold your purse while in public -- especially while on busses.

The country is very peaceful, other than occasional protests. There is very little violent crime. Parents can rest assure that as a girl walking at night in Bucharest and Brasov I personally felt very safe. However, it's always best to practice safe traveler strategies like never walking alone and keeping an eye on your personal items in public spaces.

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