Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Summer Internship in Armenia

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The Armenian Youth Federation's summer internships in Armenia are designed to give the Armenian diaspora a chance to learn more about their Armenian heritage. A few decades ago, it was unfathomable that Armenia would have its own homeland, however if you're part of the Armenian diaspora, then it is essential to visit Armenia and learn about current issues.

  • Armenian students will work with local business, organizations, and also volunteer their time at schools.
  • This internship is a great way to experience the culture of Armenia and reconnect with your culture.
  • The many decades of change Armenia has gone through has opened up a need for Armenian youth to understand current culture and issues in Armenia.
  • Interns will stay with a host-family in Armenia, opening for the way for full cultural immersion.
  • If you're interested in exploring Armenia and joining with internship with the Armenian Youth Federation, then visit their website to learn more!

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