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Internship Prgorams in Armenia

Internships in Armenia


A little country nested in the mountainous South Caucasus region between Turkey, Georgia, and Iran, Armenia is like a hidden treasure. With an ancient history that stretches back to 1600 BCE, Armenia not only holds the title as the first state in the world to adopt Christianity as its national religion, but also had the chance to cultivate a distinctly dynamic culture. Currently, the country influence continues to grow, and the government is planning integration into the European Union. Interning abroad in Armenia is a great way to gain some work experience and learn about the deep history and culture that the country holds.

Popular Industries

  • Business/Economics: There are many local and national companies in Armenia that offer business internships. This is a great way to gain solid professional experience and better understand international business! There is a wide range business/economics internships available in Armenia, including Marketing, Communications, Finance, and Accounting.
  • Government/Political Science:Intern abroad in Armenia at a governmental institution or NGO to learn more about how politics and intersect. Armenia’s democratic independence and recent EU membership negotiations provide the framework for a great learning environment in the realm of political science. Completing a government internship in Armenia is not only a great way to gain solid work experience, but also understand another aspect of foreign policy.

Need to Know

When and Where to Look for an Internship:

While internships in Armenia are available year-round, most can be found over the summer. There are several internship providers that have specifically organized programs in which students can gain professional experience at a company or governmental organization, as well as go on special weekend excursions for cultural and historical awareness.

Cost of Living in Armenia

While the cost of living in Armenia is similar to that in the U.S., it is typically much more difficult for Armenians to afford daily necessities due to their lower average wages. As an international intern in Armenia, these costs will not seem too steep, but you may note that other locals will complain about rising prices. Below are some examples of costs in Armenia. Since 1 Armenian dram is approximately equal to 0.0024 USD, the cost calculations have already been converted to USD for your convenience.

  • 1 bedroom apartment in City Center: $450
  • 1 inexpensive meal: $10
  • 1 way transportation ticket: $0.25
Work Culture in Armenia:
  • Etiquette:Armenian work culture is extremely relaxed. The people love to enjoy themselves, and do not mind if they are late to appointments or meetings. While Armenians tend to be less stringent about work etiquette, try to dress relatively conservatively just to be on the safe side.
  • Language: Armenian and Russian are both spoken widely in Armenia. It will be helpful to learn bits of colloquial Armenian or Russian for everyday life, but you need not worry about becoming fluent in the languages. English is commonly used in business, so you should have no problem communicating with others during your internship.
  • Networking:Networking in Armenia is extremely important. Establishing personal relationships with colleagues, clients, and others can be very useful for your professional development in the future. In the relaxed work environment, don’t hesitate to strike up conversations with others—it can never hurt. Many internship program providers have already planned intern mixers and networking opportunities to help with interns’ professional development. Still, if you are interested in joining an official professional networking group, feel free to check out the Armenian Business Network or the Armenia Expat Community.
Work and Labor Laws in Armenia

Armenian labor laws outline the working conditions and employment contract specifications for all workers. The terms of the labor laws extend to international interns. However, foreign workers without work permits will not be paid.

Why Intern in Armenia?

With it dynamic cultural heritage, rich artistic influence, and deep history, Armenia is a beautiful place to visit. The Armenian people hold fast to their traditions and culture, and are among some of the friendliest people you may ever meet. Go intern abroad in Armenia for an experience of a lifetime!

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