Cuba Summer Field Program

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Image of Cuban flag
Image of Cuban flag


Cuba is witnessing profound change, uncertain yet pressing expectations, and the need to redesign its economic and political paradigms.

The objective of the Cuba IFP is to provide you with a unique research-oriented experience in which lectures and interactions with your peers from different countries provide you with a more in-depth understanding of global problems at play in a specific context. Studying the emergence of neoliberal practices in an allegedly market-less economy, of class and race disparity in a purportedly classless and post-racial society, and of gender equality in a highly gendered reality — these are some of the building blocks of a political grammar the Havana IFP will provide you with in order to ideally make you better citizens of your own country.

  • Independent Research
  • Faculty Support
  • Travel and live in Cuba for nine weeks
  • Local partnerships

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