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An internship in India is one of the most valuable experience at the moment. India is one of the world biggest market, and it keeps getting bigger day by day. Also, the country has a unique culture which can lead to difficulties for some companies to establish themselves. By doing an internship in India you will acquire that knowledge and skills to overcome the difficulties. India is the fastest growing economy in the world. Big groups like Tata Group, Reliance Industry, State bank of India, Indian Railway and Indian oil are among the biggest companies in the world and keep on expanding. There are 3100+ Start-ups and every day more than 2 are established which makes it the 3rd biggest Start-up Ecosystem. Indian culture is unique, vivid and very rich. By doing an internship you will immerse yourself in it and enjoy it to the fullest. By doing an internship in India you will add a nice line on your CV, enhance your skill and grow personally.

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