Indigenous Knowledge, Water Resources and Sea Turtle Conservation in Bali

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Permitted during the growing season (April-October), the program will take place in Bali island, Indonesia. It is opened for internees, volunteers, and/or trainees to learn & experience with local people & their indigenous knowledge in turtle conservation on Kuta beach (a nesting place of sea turtles), and water allocation & irrigation system for rice field or Subak. Since the 9TH century, Subak had been tested and developed following the concept of Tri Hita Karana in that the harmony of the realm of spirit, the human and nature are connected to effectively support agriculture especially rice terraces or rice field. During the internship period, a basic Concept of local knowledge according to the availability of water and sea turtle conservation will be raised to participants. Then you will be learnt local water authority & governance meanwhile be experienced in sea turtle conservation.

  • Indigenous Knowledge, Water Resource, Subak, UNESCO, Water allocation, Irrigation, Rice terrace, Sea turtle Conservation, Bali

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