Marine Conservation Internship in Sardinia

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Join the team of MareTerra - Environmental Research and Conservation in Sardinia, a beautiful and uncontaminated places in the Mediterranean Sea. Our headquarters is Alghero and our projects are carried out inside the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia and Piana Island and the Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte.

With this long term program, students will be fully involved in all the research activities of MareTerra; some of these are:

- Assessment of factors influencing variability in bottlenose dolphin whistles.
- Characterisation of the signature whistle repertoire of Mediterranean bottlenose dolphin populations.
- Evaluating the underwater soundscape of different Mediterranean areas.
- Photo-identification and mark-recapture methods to estimate dolphin population size.

Students will join the researchers in fieldwork activities and will help managing and analysing data collected during dolphin watching trips and field surveys.

  • Increase your knowledge about dolphins, fish and marine / coastal habitats and the effect of human activities on their conservation.
  • Acquire experience on field and laboratory activities related to marine ecology and biology, behaviour and bioacoustics of marine mammals.
  • The Scientific Director reserves the right to evaluate the quality of the work done and the opportunity to add the students among the authors in the scientific publications that will be produced.
  • Gain the opportunity to enrich your knowledge, skills and enrich your curriculum.

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About MareTerra

MareTerra - Environmental Research and Conservation is a non-profit organisation based in Alghero, Sardinia (Italy).

Our ongoing projects include many research activities for the conservation of local dolphin population, the use of drones in marine...