Internship in Sea Turtle Conservation Projects in Central America

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Are you passionate about nature and the marine world? We are offering an internship program where you can apply your knowledge, skills and get involved in a new culture and country.

We are looking for students interested in contributing to the protection of sea turtles, a species that is in danger of extinction.

We invite all students of Biology, Veterinary, and other degrees related to the program to become part of the Adventure Volunteer family of Volunteers.

You will have the opportunity to take part in various activities such as:

- Night patrolling and relocation of nests in the nurseries.
- Registration of nesting turtles. Control and statistics.
- Nest monitoring and release at birth.
- Cleaning and maintenance of the beach and the conservation center.
- Awareness talks for the communities members and children.

Community-focused activities are held during the day where we support local students.

  • Learn Spanish
  • Lives in a rural coastal community
  • Delivery of the Volunteer's Guide during your registration process
  • Basic accident and liability insurance
  • Learn a little more about sea turtles, in addition to collaborating with biologists and marine life experts.

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