Looking for real-world training in some of the most unique places in the world? Veterinarian Internship will provide you with networking opportunities and meaningful experiences. There are internships available from pre-vet to practicing veterinarians. Take a look and find one that fits you, from small animal private practices to big game wildlife reserves.

You will find with many of the internships listed here, you will be working with a wide variety of animals from sloths and macaws in Central America, to elephants in Asia.

If you are interested in small companion animals like dogs, cats, and rabbits you may want to take a look at European internships like in Dublin. If you would like a once in a lifetime adventure, peruse the more exotic locations like Africa, Central America, and Thailand.

Veterinarian internships may include hands-on experience in vaccinations, diagnosing, setting fractures, surgeries, and preventive care in some of the most amazing places in the world. Animal preserves in South Africa and Animal Rehab Centers in Central America can use your enthusiasm. An internship will help you gain new professional connections and foundations to help you in your future endeavors. Take a look at the internships listed on this site today and start planning.

Vets play an important role in treating sick and injured animals of all sizes found in every corner of the world. You will find many internships combine both small and large animals. For example, in Thailand, you will spend a week at a dog shelter and then a week at an elephant sanctuary. There are a variety of global opportunities for veterinarian internships. Here are a few places to explore.

South Africa

South Africa has the top game parks and animal reserves with landscapes that are diverse and dramatic. Are you interested in big cats like Cheetahs? One internship has you spending two weeks at a cheetah breeding and care facility, and wildlife sanctuary. South Africa is a natural destination for a range of internships from small, to large and exotic animals.


The Emerald Isle with its rolling green hills and natural beauty is a great place to look for an internship for small, domesticated animals. In Dublin, you will find programs for all levels of education from pre-vet to vets. You may even find a castle or two, some great pubs and have lots of free things to do. Internships include direct supervision of trained professional in private office sittings.


From the gorgeous colonial cities to the active volcanoes many animals call Nicaragua home. You may want to consider Nicaragua, as it is less crowded than other Central American countries. Internships cover small, large and exotic animals with hands-on surgical procedures, vaccinations, and other practical experience in the field of veterinary medicine.


Thailand, also known as the “land of smiles,” is an affordable destination for both small and large animal internship experiences. Thai food, Buddhist temples, and tropical weather may draw you to spending your internship here. One of the programs offered is for pre-vet students interested in spending a semester in Thailand. This program covers a variety of small and large animals.

Costa Rica

Wildlife abounds in Costa Rica. It is one of the most bio diverse countries on the planet. It has several endangered birds like the macaws. Here you will gain practical experience working with wildlife in a wildlife veterinary setting. You can also help with the rehabilitation efforts in a wildlife rescue center.

Application Tips

Veterinarian internships can be quite competitive. Finding the right placement for you can shape your future. Be sure to take your experiences and word them in a way to show that you will be an asset, with potential and enthusiasm. Have you done volunteer work at a shelter, worked in a vet’s office, trained horses, or been a dog walker? Share your excitement, value, and skills to land a meaningful internship.

Where to Look

There is an extensive list of internships available here on Go Overseas. In addition, you can look at Veterinarian Colleges, and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and there are International Veterinary Exchange Opportunities (also listed on AVMA). Opportunities range from a week to a full semester.

Packing Tips

When packing be sure to take a look at the weather where you are going. Will it be winter or summer, humid like in a jungle, hot, or rainy? Check to see if you will need to bring your own lab coat. You most likely will be on your feet a lot of the time, so invest in a good pair of shoes. Depending on where your internship is located you may need to dress in layers and in most cases everything should be washable. Be sure to have one nice outfit for networking and special events.

Veterinary Internship Programs Abroad

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My Internship Asia
Find the internship you want in Thailand with My Internship Asia
9.08 •12 reviews

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HorseWorks Wyoming
Internship on a Working Wyoming Ranch
United States of America
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If you are passionate about horses & want to improve your horsemanship...

World of Need
Vol-Intern Abroad Opportunities for Students of All Majors
Multiple Countries
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World of Need offers a first-hand experience that will improve your...

Customized Internship in Poland, Central Europe
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Shanghai Internship Program with CRCC Asia
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Shanghai is glamour personified. From the iconic Bund waterfront to...

ELI Abroad
Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Internships in Vietnam
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ELI's Medical Internship Program in Vietnam is a unique opportunity to...

England Internship Program (London & Manchester) with CRCC Asia
9.5 •6 reviews

Do you have a dream job in mind but don’t know where to begin? Are you...

Linguistic Horizons
Intern in Spain with Linguistic Horizons
9.56 •9 reviews

Intern with a Spanish organization, improve your Spanish skills and...

ELI Abroad
ELI Abroad | Medical, Dental, and Physical Therapy Internships in Ecuador
10 •1 review

Are you studying medicine, dentistry, physical therapy? Would you like...

Istituto Europeo
Internships in Florence Italy
9.64 •11 reviews

Undertake an internship in Italy while studying conversational Italian...

Adelante Abroad
Observation & Research Internship Placements in Scotland
8.88 •24 reviews

Unique opportunities await you in Scotland. Gain valuable experience...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)
ISA Internships in New Zealand
New Zealand
9.86 •7 reviews

Explore all that Middle Earth has to offer with ISA Internships in New...

Animal-Mama Veterinary Hospital & Pet Wellness Center
Veterinary Students Intern Program in Cambodia
10 •1 review

Our international internship program is open to Veterinary students...

ELI Abroad
ELI Abroad | Medical Internships in Uganda
10 •1 review

Ready to get off the beaten path? In Uganda, ELI's medical interns...

ELI Abroad
ELI Abroad | Medical and Dental Internships in Thailand
10 •1 review

Thailand, as a whole, has a vibrant and advanced healthcare system...

What People Are Saying

I had a great experiences internship in Dalat, vietnam. My internship program is 2 weeks , I had an experiences in Pharmacy, Injection department and blood Laboratory. I learnt a lot new experiences...

blood laboratory working day

From the start till the end it was a very wonderful experience both professionally and socially. I had the time of my life because I made lifetime friends and the vibrant city of Manchester was a...

One of the activities that was prepared, where we worked with City Of Trees and volunteered with pruning trees at public places.

I cannot say enough great things about the time I spent in Manchester, England. There is nothing that I would change about the quality of my internship placement, the support I received from CRCC Asia...

I spent the day in York, England with some friends.

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