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Intrax Social Development Internships in Peru - CLOSED
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Intrax Social Development Internships in Peru - CLOSED

This program is no longer offered. View more programs from Intrax Global Internships.

Peru is a fascinating country, full of contrasts to explore. Modern cities are etched with traces of their colonial past in small, remote communities to breathtaking mountain regions. Incan ruins, diverse climates, and modern cities all converge to create a beautiful and engaging destination to visit.

Intrax Global Internships operates two sites within Peru: the bustling heart of Cusco and the breathtaking pastoral town of Urubamba.

Formerly ProWorld, Intrax acquired ProWorld in 2010. Intrax continues to uphold and advance the program excellency that past ProWorld participants have grown to trust.

From our intern:
"I was able to see the world outside of the United States, interact with the locals, see the country-side outside of the tourist locations, and discover ways I can apply my education to improve the world after I graduate." - James, Social Development Internship

  • Gain valuable experience and professional skills that you can add to your resume
  • Get matched with a verified sustainable host organization related to your career field
  • Promote positive change and support communities in need
  • Learn about unique cultures and experience an international hands-on work environment
  • Undergo an unforgettable internship abroad and shape your career
South America » Peru » Urubamba
South America » Peru » Cusco
South America » Peru
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Performing Arts
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6-12 Months
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Your Program Includes:

• Internship placement
• Homestay with a carefully-screened family
• Daily meals
• Health and travel insurance
• On-site transportation and airport pick-up and drop-off stipend
• Project funding and support
• 1-2 cultural excursions
• 24-hour support from our in-country staff
• Access to our office – unlimited filtered water, wireless internet
• Basic cultural/language classes
• A carefully selected host family for full cultural immersion
• Site staff and host organizations to provide necessary guidance and resources
• Professional hands-on internship projects

Scholarships available! Check out our website for more details – Apply Now!
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Program Reviews (3)

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24 years old
Washington, DC

Great, Well-Run Program


Pro-World is a fabulous program for anyone looking to get their feet wet in international development/volunteering. It is extremely well-run and offers a variety of program options that can be tailored to each volunteer's interests. In my opinion the organization provides just the right amount of freedom and support for college and post-college individuals starting out in international work. Highly recommended!

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24 years old
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Southeastern University

Flexible Program, A Bit Expensive


I loved the staff with ProWorld; friendly and helpful, but overworked. It's a wonderful, eye opening program, but a little expensive compared to other programs. Could have had better local excursions. Good host family.

Default avatar
24 years old
Northfield, MN
Saint Olaf College

Everything I Wanted- PACKED with Culture


As a pre-medical student, I went into this program and abroad experience with my mind set on one thing and one thing only: hands-on healthcare experience. I got ALL that I wanted from that along with a larger-than-life dose of rich culture that taught me so much about Peru, global perspectives and citizenship, and myself. I couldn't be happier with my experience.

Each day I had the opportunity to spend 6-8 hours in a rural clinic personally providing free or reduced fee healthcare services to the Peruvian population in need. Here, I administered vaccinations to all ages, took blood pressure, listened to breathing and other bodily functions through a stethoscope on a regular basis, and learned so much from communicating in Spanish with the doctors and nurses I worked with.

Following my daily intern hours, I went home to my beautiful host family who always greeted me with smiles, questions about my home, and lots and lots of traditional, delicious Peruvian dishes and treats. My host family (in addition to the other interns and ProWorld staff on-site) was my primary source in asking questions about the languages, fulfilling my curiosities about the culture or seeking a great place to dine, plaza to walk, or city to vacation. On days I received one-on-one Spanish lessons from a native speaker, I enjoyed spending time at the ProWorld office-house, where I was also welcomed with food, drink, and encouragement.

Yes. Vacation within a vacation, as I like to think of it. With the help of ProWorld staff and my host family, I was able to experience Peru in an even broader spectrum on the weekends when I was not interning in the clinic.

At no time throughout my experience did I feel as though I was not adequately supported, and I never felt unsafe. Peru has one of the most unique healthcare systems on the planet that I was fortunate to take part in, but the thriving culture and life outside of work is what will hopefully take me back in the future.

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