Internship in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

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Linguistic Horizons offers customized internships for a wide variety of majors in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru! Through your experience you'll improve your Spanish, gain valuable international experience in your field and make an impact on the lives of the local community.

You'll live among natural beauty in the heart of the Sacred Valley between Cusco and Machu Picchu! Gain the skills you need to enhance your resume in as little as 2 weeks or up to 2 months with us!

  • Customized internship
  • Improve your Spanish
  • Gain international experience in your field
  • Andean & Peruvian cultural immersion
  • Experience the "real" Peru

Questions & Answers

Hi Barnaby. The pricing varies based on duration of stay. You will find program details including program fees listed on our website here:
Actually, there is no minimum level of Spanish for the Peru program. You will find requirements listed for Peru below.


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  • Growth 9.9
  • Support 9.9
  • Fun 9.5
  • Housing 9.6
  • Safety 10
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Internship in Peru

This program was by far my favorite travel experience. It gave me full immersion into the culture, let me gain experience in my field, and explore the beautiful landscape of Peru. Every weekday I was at my internship, and on weekends we were always off on an adventure somewhere. The town is also pretty small, which was nice because I wasn't just another tourist. I would do this program again in a heartbeat if I had the chance!

Yes, I recommend this program
Inspired Traveler

Push your Boundaries

If you are working towards enriching your education background while being immersed in a foreign environment, Linguistic Horizons very much rewards that. During my 3-week internship in Peru, I gathered life-long experiences that I would not achieve elsewhere. Nicole, the program leader, was extremely hospitable and very professional. She pushed me to go far beyond my comfort zone, which paved the way for a fantastic journey. I personally got to know the local population, while trying new foods and exploring areas off the beaten path. Furthermore, I also learned quite a bit on subjects unrelated to my internship which will be helpful in my journey ahead. The program and experience was indeed a trip of a lifetime, and it will forever change me as a person. The hardest part was leaving this incredible place, as three weeks was just not enough time!

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend this program

A wholesome experience!

During my 5 week program with Linguistic Horizons I was able to engage in new environments, meet new people, and learn new things everyday. The staff was very intentional about creating programs with local individuals who were eager to share their passion, culture, and country with us. I felt very safe and the accommodations were phenomenal, including all the delicious food! I befriended everyone in the group who was participating in the program as well as the professional staff in the program. Together we made a really great team and scheduled weekend excursions to Machu Picchu, Bolivia (which turned into a spontaneous trip to Lake Titicaca), and several other hiking spots where ancient ruins were not scarce. What makes this program so unique is the focus to stay away from the touristic areas and make your experience more than a typical tourist visit. Highly recommend!

Yes, I recommend this program
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An Excellent Experience

To begin, the founder and director of the program, Nicole Berry is absolutely excellent! She is always available to contact through email or phone about any questions or concerns you might have, as well as providing a pre- departure orientation so that you are able to speak to others attending the program, and to prepare you for what can be expected as far as what to bring, what you can expect, as well what is expected of you.
As for the program, my focus is in education so I was placed with an organization called Semillas de Jesus. This organization served as a dormitory for indigenous children who were living outside of the main town of Urubama but studied there during the week. The kids would arrive on Monday mornings, live in the dormitories during the week to attend school, then return to their respective outlying towns on Fridays. This was an amazing placement and experience for me because not only did I get to interact with the kids in both Spanish and English, I was able to do community visits with the organizers of the organization to visit the homes and families of the children I was teaching. I was able to create close relationships with the children and it was extremely difficult to leave. It was not only an educational experience but an opportunity for personal growth as well. It was an amazing experience and I am very thankful that I was chosen to participate.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great Trip

I learned many new things during my 5-week intern abroad in Peru. Nicole Berry is a great leader and truly cares that the student gains amazing experience from this trip. Living abroad, even for a short time has the potential to drastically change a personal perspective on the world and how we have become accustomed to living in it. Anyone who is interested in a change of scenery would love this program.
Would highly recommend this program.

How can this program be improved?
More of a focus on learning Spanish.
Yes, I recommend this program

An authentic, life changing experience.

If you are looking for the most authentic experience possible I would highly recommend this program. Nicole, the program coordinator, offers a far lower price to intern abroad than my own school does! From the moment I turned in my application for this internship, Nicole was great with communication. Even without all of the amazing hikes(MACHU PICCHU!!), food, markets, and hands on medicinal experiences, I would say Nicole alone is what made this trip worth it for me. She is very attentive to detail and genuinely cares about you. When I would email her prior to departure, I would receive a reply within a few hours max. Upon arrival in Peru, she was constantly checking on us to make sure that not only were we hydrated and adjusting to the altitude, but that we were enjoying the activities we were doing. She and Max made a great team, he is very educated on the many ruins that we visited and knows the mountains like the back of his hand. If there is something you are interested in that is not included on the day's itinerary, Nicole will go out of her way to help you book that activity or make a day trip. This truly is as authentic as you can get. You truly learn your way around the town of Urubamba and might run into a cow or two. Even if I had planned by Peru trip on my own, I would never been able to meet the healers that I did through Nicole's contacts. She has some truly amazing friends and shares great advice/travel experience. This was a very spiritual experience for me, and it left me viewing my own world through a different lens.

How can this program be improved?
I truly cannot think of one way this program can be improved, Nicole has these internships down to a science! However I would say for a greater experience, I would have extended this program longer than two weeks!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing sights, interesting culture, and delicious food!!

My internship in the sacred Valley was very enriching. I got to see the beauty of a country with abundant biodiversity, learn about Peruvian culture, and interact with nature and locals. During my internship I had to do some marketing research and that was an adventure. I had to get out of my “comfort zone” to talk to locals which at times was a little difficult. In Peru people spoke Spanish (my first language), but they also spoke Quechua and Aymara: Native American languages. The day of my appointment with a local vendor, I forgot to put sunblock on. Anyhow, I got out of the “hopedaje” and while I was walking, I saw some pigs and a sheep. Suddenly, I noticed that they were staring at me. Then, they started to walk faster. Next thing you know, I was being chased by those animals. As I was running to get away from them, I couldn’t help myself but laugh really hard. I said to myself, the beauty of Peru. Once, I got to talk to the vendor, I found out that Peruvians were very welcoming people very sensitive to cultural changes and the presence of foreigners.

How can this program be improved?
The program can be improved by being a little more specific on the expectations of the intern. Besides, independent exploring should be encouraged a little more
Yes, I recommend this program
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Exploring the Sacred Valley of the Incas!

I enjoyed every moment with the Llama Pack Project at their hostel thanks to Linguistic Horizons. Only difficulty is waking up early but this gives you more time to enjoy all the sights and visits of every day. The hostel provides a different Peruvian meal daily and transportation to and from Cusco and the other towns is included with the fee. Do not miss this opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful countries you will ever visit!

How can this program be improved?
Only thing I would change about the program would be to include airfare in the fee.
Yes, I recommend this program

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