Marine Education EDU-131 Internship Program

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Oceans Aware is an organisation dedicated to improving the general public's awareness of the world's marine environment, and ensuring it's stability for future generations.

Interns will make use of the valuable skills and hands-on experience gained with Oceans Aware to teach and enrich the lives of thousands of children in desperate need of knowledge on environmental issues and on sharks in particular. These children are the future South African decision-makers in the economy, education, environmental issues among others, and therefore, being part of this program, will ensure a long term investment for the future of a developing country.

Throughout this project, interns will improve in their teaching and presentation skills; they will gain teaching hours, learn more about shark biology, ecology and evolution, while at the same time, play a crucial part in the conservation of marine life and in the education of those school children.

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About OceansAware

Oceans was founded by four scientists with an entrepreneurial edge. Their aim was to create a unique marine research institute, providing and facilitating innovative and dynamic marine research relevant to the management and conservation of southern...