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Host Family Hostel
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A volunteer fee of $195 per week or $585 per month (1 week free)
Participants have to bear the cost for air fare / VISAS (Please contact Harsha, prior to apply for VISAS)
A travel Insurance certificate is required.
Transport within Sri Lanka will be provided by the project
Accommodation will be provided in a fully furnished local house with all home-cooked meals provided.
Apr 14, 2016
Nov 14, 2014
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About Program

Helping Hills Sri Lanka program offers volunteer placements in the following areas:
Turtle Conservation Project
Teaching Opportunities with children aged five to 18 years old
Teaching Opportunities at a college for blind & deaf students
Elderly Care Centre
Small business development

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Program Highlights

  • Wide range of programs
  • Programs can be selected upon as per your request. Customize programs can be organized for individuals and groups
  • Low cost
  • Experience a great culture and heritage
  • ECO Tourism activities during weekends

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  • Safety 4.8
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Yes, I recommend this program

Planting the Seeds

I came to offer my advice on the project based on the needs of the community and volunteers. It is a reasonable distance from the capital and the coast but this really adds to the charm as it is unspoilt and untouched by tourism. This area is one of the poorest in the country and not recieved much support from volunteering in the past. This project aims to help out the local churches and schools to give them a sense of belief and hope. It is a very worth project in a beautiful and undeveloped part of Sri Lanka. Highly recommended!

What would you improve about this program?
Nothing really
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great organization!

The projects that run by the Helping Hills are very interesting and meaningful! I love the children there! It is so fun to teach them and play with them. I have so many great memories in Sri Lanka! Thank you Helping Hills, I wouldgo back again!

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Yes, I recommend this program


I spent a summer in Galle, Sri Lanka. It was awesome! I taught English in a local kindergarten every morning on working days. The children there were lovely and I missed them so much. Sometimes keeping them concentrate on the class might be difficult. But you really have to be patient. Harsh and his family were very kind and helpful. They were able to provide assistance if the volunteers encountered any problem.

What would you improve about this program?
Maybe an air conditioner in the rooms we live in? lol
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Yes, I recommend this program

My another life as Sudu sir

To be honest, the program was not like it was supposed in the begining of the story.
We were arranged to a local kindergarten called "little star" and our job is to teach children something and hep the teacher to look after them. You may also think it's a piece of cake ! But things became really different when you find that they don't speak English at all except several simplest words like "hello" and "bye". Even the level of the teacher's English is also very limited. The first day there was suffering and all of us were frustrated and I also have the thought to abandon , we can't communicate with them at all, we will change workplace next week anyway.
Next day,we just sit there to watching them playing, laughing,painting, they are so ovely actually but what they do have nothing to do with you , you are just a vistor. I know I'm not willing but I dont want to change or I'm afaid to change. Nobody will blame you as long as you dont make trouble to them.
Just then, a girl coming to my side quietly and , opened her mouth!!! "Sudu sir, may I go to the toilet? " Astonished for a moment, "sure,go!" I replied her flurried. Watching her skipping figure like a fairy, I'm touched,I have to admit it is the real happy that I have lost for many many years. But what to do now, keeping still and waiting for her next toilet time? No! If a 5 years old girl has the courage to speak to a foreigner with foreign language, so do I! With this motion, I stood up and went forword ,"Excuse me teacher, could you please teach me how to say what's your name in Srilanka language? ""Sure,I'm very happy,Ohyagi nama mochoda"..........
Anyhing is possible if you follow your heart and keep hard. In only 4 days, I have known much about the children, I know Danido is the naughtiest boy, I know Githme is the clingiest girl....I begin to teach them painting,English letters and even the sinhalese letter after learning from teacher first haha. I'm so proud children growing up everyday and I'm so happy they also like me too. Gradually every children begin to call me "Sudu sir"(sudu means white~~).
That is my new name of my new life,I guess. And I know I can't live without them. So, I request to extend my kindergarten work to my last day before my flight back to China.
The last week there,when all the other volunteers go to other places, I wake up everyday 6'o clock, ride my rent motor from the remote mountains to my lovely children. I will never forget I dance with them though there are serious injury on my legs beacuse the happy take over the pain,I will never forget oneday Danido take my hand and does't let me go after class, so I have a impressive afternoon at his house haha~~
All of these, all of them, are my legacy that I will never lost.

What would you improve about this program?
I think the rules to the volunteers should be more strict because some volunteers have habits of alcohol abuse and smoking.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A wonderfully rich experience

Harsha and his extended family provide an extremely safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for volunteers as well as being extremely committed to maximum benefit for the projects that they are supporting.
I felt more like a member of the family than a volunteer and have in fact continued to work with this project in an ongoing informal role.
Unlike many organisations these guys are serious about making a difference and ensuring that all volunteers are able to contribute something meaningful no matter what their background or experience level.
Highly recommended.

What would you improve about this program?
Some more in-depth pre-departure materials would be an advantage to volunteers.
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