Kaya Microfinance Internship in Swaziland

This program has been paused and is currently not being offered. View more programs from Kaya Responsible Travel.

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In order to tackle some of Swaziland's major challenges - the HIV/AIDS prevalence, orphan children, high unemployment and poverty rates -, entrepreneurship and small businesses have become key factors that have helped families earn some sort of income in their hardest times. Kaya Responsible Travel, however, hopes to help them take another step forward with a new project that will support their initiatives. We're only missing something: YOU!

Kaya's Microfinance Internship is currently seeking interns who can help local people with the early stages of their businesses. Among your main activities, would be working in community-based facilities set up to help children do better in school and hopefully influence their lives as adults, while preparing marketing workshop, educational sessions and develop an evaluation system to award new microloans. You will learn whilst teaching!

This is a great opportunity to polish your CV while helping a community in need!

  • Help local communities improve their life with some social service, such as child care.
  • Learn while you teach! Get a deeper insight into microfinance while leading workshops tailored to help locals set up their businesses.
  • Because the project is at its early stage, some of the interns' activities will consist of shaping and even mentoring local staff. You'll become a key actor in the development of such vital project!

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