Business Accelerator Summer Internship Program

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Our 10-week internship program is unlike any other - no matter what your prior experience is in fields like digital marketing or data analytics, we will teach you the latest skills so you can excel in your internship.

Spend the summer getting real world experience and credit through our 10-week internship program. In our unique 2 week + 8 week model, you will spend 2 weeks in an intensive bootcamp to teach you either digital marketing or data analytics. We'll teach you the building blocks of tech or marketing and you’ll be able to immediately apply your new skills in an internship while abroad. Students may also earn 2-9 credits depending on how their school awards credit.

After these two intensive weeks you'll be able to hit the ground running in your internship - regardless of your prior experience. We help you succeed in this internship by working in depth to match your background and interests to create a tailored internship.

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