Alumni Spotlight: Autumn and Ryan Daniels

Why did you decide to join the ECVA program in Spain?

Autumn & Ryan: We chose the ECVA program in Spain because we have always wanted to live in Spain and experience the unique lifestyle, embrace the culture and learn a new language. We chose Spain because Arizona has a large Spanish influence and we figured it may be the most beneficial country for us to live and tutor in.

Exploring Spain

Describe the highlights of your day as a home-stay volunteer?

Autumn & Ryan: The highlights of our day were roaming around Valencia learning Spanish history and enjoying the beautiful city. The program provides a lot of free time so we took advantage of it to enjoy Spanish cuisine, go to the beach, tour the city and admire the architecture, churches, museums, etc.

We also enjoyed spending time with the families that we tutored, and learning about their traditions and everyday life. It was especially neat to be there for Christmas and New Years to experience their way of celebrating the holidays. We were so lucky to have a home-stay with an amazing woman that was so full of life, very welcoming and was like a mother to us. We enjoyed the meals she cooked for us, the time we spent with her on a daily basis, as well as touring the city and spending the holidays with her and her family.

How has this experience helped you gain an insight into Spanish culture?

Autumn & Ryan: There is no better way to truly grasp a culture then to live within the culture. Our experience has allowed us to be involved in a much different way of life than you can experience in America. It has been a remarkable experience that we will never forget and always cherish.

What did you take away from this experience (personally, professionally, etc).

Autumn & Ryan: We will take away from this experience a new outlook on life and especially family. We have made new life-long friends that will always be the greatest reward of our journey.