Roger Yockey

Why did you decide to volunteer abroad with Global Volunteers in Greece?

Roger: I went to St. Lucia with Global Volunteers because I had been on five other Global Volunteers' teams and knew that short-term volunteers can make a difference by working with communities. The St. Lucia demonstration project was a groundbreaking opportunity to improve children's health, nutrition, education, and IQ. And I could go with my wife, Marilyn, who had always gone with me on other Global Volunteers' projects. We would be on the first team going to St. Lucia and we could leave our mark on the world.

Roger with the students he taught in St. Lucia with Global Volunteers

What made volunteering in Greece a unique and special experience?

Roger: My day to day activities were going to a school for children from kindergarten through second grade in the village of Anse-la-Raye to help teachers in the classroom. A lot of work was one-on-one tutoring, especially with second grade boys to not only help them with math and reading but also to encourage them.

Make a difference and teach children in St. Lucia with Global Volunteers

How has this experience impacted your future?

Roger: The impact of my experience in St. Lucia has personally been tremendous. The slogan written on the walls of schools in Anse-la-Raye is: "The difficulties in my path will not defeat my ambitions." I am writing people, making presentations to as many people as I can sharing my experience in St. Lucia and urging them to go with Global Volunteers to work with the children so they can achieve their ambitions. I will never forget these children!