Alumni Spotlight: Sabrina Forlin

Why did you decide to intern abroad with Australian Internships?

Sabrina: I was in Australia last year on a Work and holiday visa as I was a bit fed up with my life in Switzerland. All I needed was a change and see the world. After my 5 months travel in South East Asia, I decided to come back to Australia to gain some international work experience and to see another industry rather than IT, in which I was working in Switzerland. I was also curious to compare the Australian Work culture with the strict swiss culture. I really wanted to know if the Australian work culture is more laid back as everyone was telling me.

Sabrina with a creature friend!

Describe your day to day activities as an intern in Australia.

Sabrina: To be honest I didn’t really feel being an intern as I was fully integrated in the marketing team. My tasks were answering to enquiries, doing different researches, newsletter, testimonials, attending events and much more.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Sabrina: I am thankful for this working experience as I was able to work in the field I studied which is marketing and I don’t have such a big gap in my resume even though I had the amazing opportunity to travel. Combining travel and working was one of the best choices I have ever done. Personally I learnt a lot about the Australian work culture and I met great people! Thanks to Australian Internship I had the opportunity to get practical experience in my academic field in an international environment.

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