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Australian Internships - Your Career Starts Here!

Australian Internships (AI) is an organization that offers a committed program to provide international students and graduates with training, work experience and cultural exchange. We offer a range of comprehensive internship programs in almost all academic disciplines. AI‘s programs are customized to meet each candidate’s academic and professional needs.

AI works with over 4,500 host organizations which range from larger multinational companies to smaller boutique businesses. We provide a range of support services including orientations, on site supervision, visa sponsorship, insurance, accommodation, discount travel and tours, weekly monitoring and much more!

  • Intern with the best! AI is the market leader in internship programs: AI is recognized as the preferred internship program for most leading Australian Universities. With more than 17 years experience, we are proud to be the industry b
  • Commitment to service: In addition to an internship placement with an Australian company, you will also receive a complete program and services that are second to none! Each intern will be allocated to an Internship Program Supervisor (IP
  • Tailored international internships that will boost your career: AIs programs are unique as their main focus is in identifying and securing the best possible internship for the applicant while taking their academic background and previo
  • Live the Australian dream while internationalize your CV: Australia is a dream destination for many and there is nothing that compares to gaining international experience in your field! Why not combine your trip down under with real work
  • Earn while you learn: AI has 2 paid program options. The hospitality internship program runs from 6-12 months in leading 4-5 star Australian hotels and resorts. The stipend internship program runs for 5-6 months and offers candidates in s
Animal Science
Art History
Computer Science
Culinary Arts
International Business
Host Family
Online Application
Official Transcripts
Cover Letter
Letters of Recommendation
Phone / Skype Interview
Age Requirement
Language Requirement
Weekly Hours
Weeks Min.
Weeks Max
Age Min.
Age Max
Application Fee
Starting Price
Price Details
- Assessment and coaching
- Resume guidance
- Interview preparation and mentoring
- An individualised placement with an Australian company
- Allocation of an Internship Program Supervisor (IPS) to closely monitor progress and satisfaction level
- Immediate intervention by Australian Internships should you experience any difficulties
- 24-hour Emergency Support
- Full Orientation Sessions, including an introduction to Australian workplace culture
- Intern nights, providing an opportunity for interaction between interns from over 80 countries
- Access to online career advice, articles and intern blogs

Optional services include:

- Accommodation and Airport reception
- Intern Extras Bundle $210 (Bank account setup, International Student Identity Card (ISIC), local mobile phone sim card, iVenture card, tax claim service)

Questions & Answers

In order to qualify, you must be a recent graduate with 24 months of course completion. So base it on the number of months you've completed and the other requirements on their website, .

Program Reviews

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  • Growth 8.9
  • Support 8.9
  • Fun 8.1
  • Housing 8.3
  • Safety 9.1
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Great experience

During the time that I stayed in Australia, it was awesome to learn about working in an office and get new skills, such as interpersonal relationship, marketing and business, and improve my field, IT.

How can this program be improved?
I'd like to read the company's profile before. Usually, they first talk to the company, then to the intern. I believe that we should say if we are willing to go to the company before.
Yes, I recommend
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Opened Doors

I wanted more after graduating college I wanted to travel to see more places while learning and expanding my knowledge in my field of studies which is cooking. Australian internships opened so many doors to me i got to travel to Australia meet awesome people while enjoying myself traveling around and Gaining valued work experience which also helped me to be discovered by other people the talent that they saw in me at work planted a seed of confidence and knowledge which in time bore fruit and them offering me to stay longer for my dreams to continue, thanks to AI i was able to slowly realise how big this world is and how much you can go if you Work hard enough and you can always have heaps of fun discovering the world. have courage and have a leap of faith.

How can this program be improved?
Maybe a more tailor made program for some individuals. but over all experience was awesome
Yes, I recommend
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First of all, let me tell you that if you haven't been to Australia before and you are looking for a chance to develop your skills and meet people from all over the globe in an amazing environment, this is your chance to apply with AI and find a job opportunity related to your career!

How can this program be improved?
People from Australian Internships should open more offices along Australia, so a higher number of interns can be involved in the activities they make that at the moment only happen in big cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.
Yes, I recommend
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First Industry Experience

Australian Internships provided me with my first professional experience in the industry, which is of great importance to my field of study. I could take part in the day-by-day of the operations office of a packaging company and learn a great deal of it with everybody in there, besides the experience of a foreign culture, because I am Brazilian, and having the opportunity to experience the Australian working model was an add-up to my resumé.

Yes, I recommend
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An unexpected task

I am an animal science student from Brazil. The internship arranged for me was in an Australian zoo. Although I had taken an English course before starting the internship, when I first started I was completely lost with the language. After a few weeks working at the zoo every day, I found myself gaining a little more confidence to talk, and I could finally understand Australian slang (at least most of it).

After working a month at the zoo, most of the staff already knew me, and I felt they were starting to lack new tasks for me. One day, among 15 Australian interns, I was called to guide a blind man through the zoo. That day, I saw that my range of vocabulary was terrible. I have asked the blind guy, like a hundred time, if he had already SEEN that or this animal. I could not find a word to substitute the verb to SEE.

Luckily, the guy was completely good tempered. He just laugh at me, and answered that he would love me to take him to hear or to pet the animals. At the end of the day, obviously, I apologized for all the misunderstanding, but he said that was totally ok, that I was such a good guide, and he understood I was a foreign, not yet fluent.

The zookeeper who I was working with that day laugh at me too, and I told her. Although frustrating, the experience was really good for me. I wasn’t used to work with PEOPLE. After that day, I felt I was ready for anything.

How can this program be improved?
Althoug the internship fit perfectly for me, I have heard a few friends complaining about how they hated the tasks they were asked to, or how they couldn`t see the relation between the internship arranged and their majors at uni.
Maybe Australian internship should bring us more options of internship for us too choose among them. We were told that we have to accept the first offer we got. For me, that worked. For other people, it didn`t.
Yes, I recommend
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Marriott melbourne

A good opportunity to enjoy australia as well to learn a bit about hotel food and beverage industry. Nice staff members at the company through emails and fast response of these. A nice experience I had was when at christmas day, we all gathered to enjoy a nice meal before qe started to work for this event.

How can this program be improved?
To make sure all people that will be aent, have competent bosses. The boss I had, was the ead chef of a hotel and had the most minimal idea of how to operate in a kitchen. Also very unrespectful towards international staff. This person I am talking about is clinton jackson the former head chef at the marriott hotel in melbourne.
Response from Australian Internships

Dear Andres,

We are delighted to hear that you enjoyed your internship and experience in Australia! We strive to deliver our interns with the best internship program; but understand that sometimes personality conflicts may occur in the workplace, especially in high pressure environments. Your comments will certainly help us continue to improve mentoring our interns in the future. We have had many wonderful experiences with the Marriott Melbourne over the years of cooperation! Through challenging times comes true growth and development – no doubt you are a better professional for the amazing experience you gained while in Australia! We congratulate you on your success and are excited to hear about your future career endeavours!

“Sometimes, when you think a storm is coming to rain on your parade, its actually there to water your garden” – Rob Hill Sr

The AI Team

Yes, I recommend
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Best Experienced of my life

Since i am a fresh graduate student, somebody might say i have my entire life ahead of me, with all of its beautiful experiences. But despite being a fresh graduate, I already had a personal breath- taking experienced, with the helped of the whole team of Australia Internship.

Which i am sure i will carry with me until my last days. This one year internship in Darwin Australia with the help of your company(Australia Internship) has been a truly incredible experience. And i thank you for your guidance and supervision during my one year internship with Vibe Hotel. And i thank you for this excellent opportunity. The internship has allowed me to learn, expand my skills, and revise my future career goals, No doubt your company or agency is one of the most trusted agency in australia when it comes in providing a great internship experience. This experience you have provided will serve as a Key factor in grooming of my personality and will have a tremendous impact on my Career Success. Thank you so much. And God Speed. Well before i forgot i would like to use this famous australian greeting " Cheers Mate" Cheers Australia Internship. Two thumbs up.

How can this program be improved?
You need to take immediate action or talk to sponsoring company of the intern student if he/she reports about his/her bad experince going on to his/her work place.
Yes, I recommend
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Know everyone around the world

With Australia Internship, I have a lot of new experience that is very useful, not only for my education but also for my social life. During my 6 months internship in Australia, I have many new friends. Not only the one that originally from Australia, but also new friends that come from United states, Europe, and other south east asia countries like mine. Moreover, the skill that I learnt during my internship can't be replaced with other education.

How can this program be improved?
I would recommend to improve the safety recommendation for new comers. During my Internship, I lost my money due to some unknown coworkers in my house.
Yes, I recommend
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Excellent internship opportunity.

I was offered an internship opportunity in banking system which matches my finance field perfectly. The condition of workplace is sensational and all of my colleagues in department are helpful and friendly.

Yes, I recommend
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Aussie Adventure

Coming to Brisbane, Australia to do my internship through AI has been a life changing experience. I am currently working in a medical research facility where I have been given my own project pertaining to scabies disease.

Each day, I run various trials pertaining to my project and record my work in my lab book. It's incredible being in a lab where I am running trials and discovering things that no one else has touched before.

Additionally, I have had the change to travel while doing my internship. I have gone to Mount Isa/ Cloncurry to teach microbiology to aboriginal students. I will be traveling to Auckland, NZ next week to speak at an international conference on my project. I could not believe how lucky I was to be given the chance to travel around with our lab group.

In general, Australia is such an incredible place filled with beautiful sights and souls.

How can this program be improved?
I think that students should have the chance to explore numerous internship positions and not be forced to accept the first one they are offered.
Yes, I recommend
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Great experience with Australian Internships

I've participated one of a program of Australian Internships which includes 15 weeks of English course, 2 weeks of workplace training, and 8 weeks of internships in Brisbane.

It was totally awesome what I've experienced in Australia with this program. it gave me opportunities to think about my future career in different way.

i knew that I'm on the way to studying in bachelor degree and it is limited what i can do in this internship. However Australian internships placed me a great workplace and I've got lots of skills there. everyone on the company was friendly and taught me kindly.

Their service during the program was also great. when i had problems with the host company, they contacted me a lot and listened me carefully.

i really thank Australian Internships:)

Yes, I recommend
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Looking forward to the future!

Have the opportunity to do a internship in Australia is being just a fantastic experience.
For me the main point is that I'm improving my english and developing my skills in my area in the same time.
I'm sure the internship will help me to increase the opportunities in my career.

Response from Australian Internships

Thank you for leaving your comments. We are glad to know you are enjoying your time in Australia.

The AI Team

Yes, I recommend
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Great experience

It was absolutely a great experience, not only professionally but personally. I did my internship in a new field and everyone there took the time to teach me. It was a great opportunity to actually know where I want to go in my career.

I had the chance to meet incredible people that taught me so much about my self and what life is about.

How can this program be improved?
Maybe more opportunities to meet people from other programs.
Also, a few more chances to give feedback.
Response from Australian Internships

In regards to your comments, we organise monthly intern nights in major cities and also organise day trips on a regular basis. This is a great opportunity for interns to network and make friends. However during your stay in Australia, there were a couple of occasions in which these activities were cancelled due to a low number of RSVPS. I saying that, we also have had very successful events which exceed our attendance expectations, so I would say it sometimes depend on the interns' preferences at any given time. Likewise, as part of the monitoring process, we ask interns to fill regular feedback forms as well as their individual weekly learning plans. Supervisors are always available for a chat and interns are always welcome to contact us should they have any concerns

We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Kindest regards,

Natalia Piedrahita
Marketing Executive and Project Manager

Yes, I recommend
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I'm totally disappointed with the unprofessional services provided to me. The host was not up to expectations and it took them months to find me a replacement. Be careful when finding an agent that is reliable.

Response from Australian Internships

Thank you for your feedback. I went through all the correspondence and information in our system regarding your case, and noticed that although your first placement was not the best match for you, our team listened to your concerns and endeavoured to find you a new host organisation in only 3 weeks.

I am very sorry to hear that your experience was not beneficial and that you were not satisfied with the services provided by AI. From what I can gather all the procedures were followed and a second internship was arranged as per your request.

We are always open to feedback and keen to explore ways to better service our clients, so please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions on how your case should have been managed. We will be very keen to receive your comments.

Kindest regards,

Natalia Piedrahita
Marketing Executive and Project Manager

No, I don't recommend
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Hi My Friend,

I am proud to be a participating of Australian Internship programme. My main reason to join this programme was to improve my english and i am feeling it is helping me much. Everything is amazing about Australia ( Culture, Food, Places...) IPs are always so helpful and proffesional. It was the massive correct decision to choose Australian Internships agent. Thank you.

Kind Regards

Response from Australian Internships

Thank you for recommending our program and services. It is great to hear that your expectations are met. All the best!

The AI Team

Yes, I recommend

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