Alumni Spotlight: Cailyn Katsev

CEA French Riviera students

Why did you decide to study abroad with CEA in France?

Cailyn: I have been taking French for three years (even though you did not need to speak French to go on this program, it just was more convenient) and decided I wanted to go to a French speaking country and I preferred to be in Europe. I was not ready to go to a huge city and since I am from Southern California so I wanted to be able to spend five months on the beach. Once I saw that we could study abroad in the French Riviera, a destination spot for millions I was sold. And it was perfect. Also the staff on the French Riviera were spectacular.

What made studying in France a unique and special experience?

Cailyn: I had to take science classes and this school, Skema, not only offered science courses but also the labs. Therefore, I did not get behind in graduating with my major and my science courses. I am also a big runner and was able to run the Nice International half marathon with my friend from abroad. I spent my days rollerblading and floating on my beach raft.

How did this experience impact your academic development?

Cailyn: This experience has made me more independent, confident, and simply more excited about traveling and life. I made some of my best friends that I hope to stay in contact with forever. We spent so much time traveling across Europe and Africa that we became so close. I am more confident speaking french and I much more accustomed to their culture.