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With its 300+ sunny days a year, world-class museums and galleries, and sandy beaches, the Côte d’Azur (literally “azure coast”) or “French Riviera,” as English speakers refer to it, affords 71 miles of Mediterranean coastline along the southeast corner of France. The region’s sub-tropical climate has drawn many famous visitors and expats, including Ernest Hemingway, Coco Chanel, and Pablo Picasso.

There, you can immerse yourself in French language and culture at our partner university, the Centre International d'Antibes, or take science, engineering, or business courses in English at the Bachelors Program at SKEMA Business School. As it is home to the Cannes Film Festival, the French Riviera is a great location to engage in a hands-on internship during this world-famous event. Excursions to cities like Provence and Grasse will round out your experience abroad.

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  • Academics 7.4
  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 9.4
  • Housing 9.4
  • Safety 9.4
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Greatest Location, Greatest Semester

Usually people study abroad in big cities, or cities that people always go to when traveling to Europe. Being in the French Riviera allowed me to explore the whole region as well as different countries, because of the accessibility of transportation. It was the best fit and such a unique experience studying abroad with CEA. They offered weekend excursions that other study abroad programs don't offer. There were hiking trails, swimming spots steps from my house and became a part of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The business school I attended had students from all over the world which was a life experience within itself. Definitley the greatest semester!

Yes, I recommend
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Why you want CEA in the French Riviera

I have traveled a lot. I was a professional skier traveling the world before going to college in Salt Lake City, Utah. I wanted to study abroad because I missed the exposures to the different cultures, the unique experiences that no one else will ever understand, and overcoming struggles with things you had taken for granted in the U.S. or learning new practices you like better.

Having some experience traveling my biggest worry was renting. Finding a spot to rent that would let me rent for just four months, and how would I find a roommate? Well, CEA fixed that problem for me by booking me an apartment with two roommates!

The added benefit for me was getting to go on many of the excursions CEA offered.

I didn't really think this trip would be life-changing for me, I have been to Europe a lot before, but this experience WAS life changing and I would recommend a study abroad with CEA to ANYONE.

How can this program be improved?
I understand that there is one price which includes all excursions. If you can't attend an excursion you won't get any money returned. I understand the point is that a lot of students would want to back out to get money back, but I had prior engagements booked before I went to France which did not allow me to participate in some excursions. I wish there had been a way if you had a booked prior engagement you could use that money for a different excursion. For example, when my mom came we rented a car and went to Grasse and a two-hour drive to Aix-en-Provence because I knew I was missing those trips. it would have been nice if we could have had the money CEA saved from me not attending the other weekends and inserted that into our touring expenses.

Other than that I have loved my experience and would recommend it highly
Yes, I recommend
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I can't imagine being abroad without CEA!!!

CEA is an amazing company. I don't think that my time abroad would have been nearly as amazing without CEA. They handled all of the logistics for us. First, they provided housing and showed us around the town so we could get our bearings. My coordinator, Krisitin, was amazing. She taught us everything from how the buses work, where the best day trips are, where to buy groceries and how to fit in with locals. She is truly amazing!
We did so many excursions with CEA. They took us to places in southern France that are difficult to get to by public transportation. They provided us with a bus, food and a tour guide.
Seriously the best experience that I've ever had. I am SO thankful that I chose to study abroad with CEA.

How can this program be improved?
The university that we attend is alright, but could be improved. It is a bit disorganized, but it is really amazing to be able to go to classes with people form so many different countries. The students in my international business course represent over 15 countries - it is so amazing!
Yes, I recommend
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French Riviera

Spending four months in the city of Antibes on the French Riviera was one of the best experiences of my life! Antibes is a small town between Nice and Cannes and located right on the beach- so the location cannot get any better. The people are friendly and the food is absolutely delicious. Living in Antibes made it very easy to travel because there is a train station located in the middle of town, and only about a 20 minute train ride to the Nice airport. Because of that I was able to travel to ten different countries. I highly recommend the French Riviera program because it has an amazing staff, the program is smaller so you really get to know everyone, great living conditions, and the location is amazing. I would do anything to go back!

Yes, I recommend
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Making a home abroad

My experience studying abroad in the French Riviera with CEA exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Many students study abroad in big cities in Europe but my favorite part of this program was getting to live in the little seaside town of Antibes. I feel like I really got to know this little town and make it home for a few months. The best part is that Nice is only 20 minutes away by train and has everything a big city has to offer including an international airport so that it is easy and cheap to travel all over Europe on the weekends! The excursions that CEA provides are so fun and enable you to see things in the Riviera that you would never see otherwise and really helped me understand the culture! The CEA staff is incredibly helpful. Other students at our school who studied abroad without CEA were so jealous I f all the support and perks we had as CEA students! I can't say enough to describe how wonderful this program is! My daily life included runs by the sea, hanging out on the beach with friends, and trying new gelato and coffee shops.

Yes, I recommend
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French Riviera Spring 2016

Living in Antibes on the Riviera for 4 months was unbelievable. The town is beautiful, quaint, and easy to find your way around. There are many great places to eat as well. It is very close to the airport and train station which makes traveling anywhere in Europe extremely easy. CEA's onsite staff are wonderful and always asking what they can do to make your experience the best it can be. Wonderful place to study!

Yes, I recommend
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Nothing better out there

CEA was the best choice for my study abroad experience. The onsite staff was such a big reason why I chose the program. They (Kristin and Sylvia) helped with any and all of our questions and took us on trips all around the Riviera so that we got to really experience and see the area. Waking up each morning and seeing the Mediterranean Sea out my window was something so special and surreal. Antibes is an incredible city to live in and CEA was so incredibly helpful in making sure of that.

Yes, I recommend
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It was an unique experience

I was lucky enough to manage my class schedule into two days, therefore I traveled almost every weekend domestically and every other week to another country. Friends I made are the ones who made my time special. Classes in Skema was not challenging but it was very easy to fall off track because the teaching style is different than the U.S, especially the lecture duration.
The accommodation was great, location was great, we got many field trips to experience local culture and interact with locals and of course food!

Yes, I recommend

SKEMA Classes

While I was abroad I took: Physics I (with lab), Chemistry I (with lab), Marketing Principles, and Management Information Systems.

Physics I was my hardest course. There were only problem-solving questions on the exams and quizzes, with no multiple choice.

My other three classes were reasonably paced, and the exam material was fairly predictable. They challenged me to master the material and work as a team on projects. I estimate that these three classes were easier than they would have been at my home university in the U.S.

My Physics lab met every other week, and my Chemistry lab was done on an independently chosen schedule (which was very convenient). Physics and Chemistry lectures meet twice a week, whereas my other classes met only once. All of my teachers were willing to help and available outside of class.

Yes, I recommend
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Best 5 months of your life!

CEA in the French Riviera is the most amazing location in all of Europe. The specific town that you live in is small but so cute. The size is great too because you can get to know the town really well but there are still places to go out and tons and tons of well known places right near by. I loved taking the train to Monaco, Nice, Cannes, and my favorite beach town ville franche. The school is just a bus ride away and class is not too often so its perfect for traveling. There is a train station centrally located and the airport is just a one euro bus ride away! The apartments are huge, safe, and very nice. They are close to the beach and the beautiful harbor. The French alps are close and the school takes you on a trip there! I loved the program and it has so much to offer. It is an active city with lots of runners and bikers! I loved the food and cooked a lot as well to save some money for more traveling! I highly recommend the South of France!!

Yes, I recommend


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