Jonas Van Weerst

Interview with Jonas Van Weerst

Why did you decide to pursue teaching abroad?

Jonas: In Belgium I am a teacher (not English) so I realized that I have good qualifications for teaching abroad, but I didn't have the TEFL certificate yet. Realizing that I have good qualifications and being fed up with with only losing money during travels, are the main reasons to pursue teaching abroad.

Why did you decide to get TEFL certified through International TEFL academy?

Jonas: At that time, I was living in Berlin and I didn't have much money. So the online course suited me perfectly because it was the cheapest option. Also important for me was the first personal contact with International TEFL Academy’s contact person, John Bentley. He was very supportive and gave me a professional impression of International TEFL Academy.

From what you have experienced abroad, how will your TEFL certificate help you?

Jonas: I am not a native English speaker. What I did learn, is that when you aren't a native English speaker, the TEFL certificate is quite important. I'm guessing that a lot of schools reason that when one has the certificate, he or she is skilled enough to teach English.