Alumni Spotlight: Elsa Smith

Elsa Smith is from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and went on the Caribbean Grenadines Advanced Scuba Voyage with Broadreach. Elsa attends 9th grade in the Jackson Hole Community School, and she is currently 14 years old. Elsa enjoys big mountain skiing, swimming, playing soccer and scuba diving.

Elsa Smith, Broadreach Caribbean Alum

Why did you decide to study in the Caribbean with Broadreach?

Emily: Broadreach covers all aspects that a summer camp should. They teach you how to work well with a team of strangers, how to expand independence skills, and how to create new bonds and friendships. Even though it is work and not all play, you come away from your trip feeling like you had the time of your life (which you probably did).

Why did you decide to study abroad with Broadreach?

Emily: I received many recomendations from people who have either been instructors or students on Broadreach, and it also looked like an amazing way to experience the world out of a land locked mountain town.

Describe an example when Broadreach went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you had a great experience abroad.

Emily: There are many examples of how Broadreach went above and beyond for me, but the main example is that they gave me a scholarship to their programs two years in a row. Without Broadreach's care and support for children like me who really loved their program, I would not have been able to experience this amazing trip. This is an example of how Broadreach actually cares and wants to help their students, which is incredible.

What made this study abroad experience unique and special?

Emily: Even though the people I met on my boat were complete strangers to me at first, I literally became best friends with a few of them. Even though I may not be able to scuba dive where I live, I am able to maintain the friendships I made every day. You honestly make a family away from home, which is truly remarkable.