Alumni Spotlight: Radovan Sensel


Radovan Sensel is from Slovakia and has finished his PHD in biotechnology of urban greeneries. He mostly likes individual sports such as snowboarding, climbing, skateboarding, and more. His hobbies include drawing comics, playing guitar, hitchhiking, and spending his free time exploring the mountains. People usually say that he's crazy but it's only because he likes to try new and unusual things all the time.

Why did you decide to volunteer abroad with Third Eye Volunteer in Nepal?

Why did I decide to go abroad with Third Eye? I didn't really look for any others. It just so happened that I chose this volunteer organization accidentally and in the process, I made a very good friend named Bijaya. This was the first organization I found and I didn't bother looking for any others.

Describe your day to day activities as a volunteer.

I was working as a science and art teacher in Himchully English Board School where I taught almost every day for a few hours. I drew and spoke very simple English with small children ages 10 and up. With older children, I talked about plants, trees, the biology of jungles and forests, water, ecology, forestry, global impact of vegetation, and more. Every saturday, I went for small walk in the surrounding area.

What made this volunteer experience unique and special?

I think the place was special. Well Nepal is a special place full of spiritualness. Many different kinds of religions, stories, people, habits and teachings. Every person I met was unique. Every teacher I spoke with, met, became friends with - everyone was unique. Similar to how every day was unique. Every student was unique as well. It was my first experience in boarding elementary school and it gave me a lot of skills and knowledge. Not just about how to work with children, but about life as well. Every day was special. It was about us, what is special and how we take every day. How much we have open our eyes. Before you can open up the third, you need to open up your two physical eyes first.

How has this experience impacted your future?

For my future, I don't really know how I will use my skills but I don't know the future so I can't say I wont use it. I was a teacher under Annapurna and it is a big mark on my life story and I can't just delete it (which is good). I'm sure I will use many things I learned about in that place.