Staff Spotlight: Bijaya Ghimire

Staff Member


Tell us a little about Third Eye Foundation and your role at the company.

Third Eye volunteer Foundation Nepal is a social, non profit, charitable Organization with the aim of making wold a better place to live . The major two goals of organization are help local community, organizations by working as a catalyst between Donor agencies, Charities etc and local targeted groups and on the other hand provide volunteer opportunities to local and International volunteers who are seeking volunteering position in Nepal.

Third Eye volunteer Nepal provides wide range of Volunteering programs in Nepal like Teaching programs to Buddhist monasteries, orphanage homes and local schools. We provide Internship programs to Medical and pre medical students, veterinary volunteer program, environmental conservation programs, cultural volunteer programs, women empowerment volunteer programs, street children help volunteer programs, and much more creative programs.

Third Eye Volunteer Nepal offers volunteer programs that are free of cost. Some fee is taken for the manage of food, accommodation, transportation, etc. Our programs are always available because of our wide network and large number of volunteering destination. We give our top most priority for making your volunteer experience rich so safety, security, hygienic and friendly environment are our prime concerns. We guarantee you that your Nepal experience will be rich as promised by us.

I am currently working as chair person for Third Eye Foundation Nepal. I work for over all management of the organization. I check inquiries and respond back. Create suitable places volunteers asking and conform the booking. I make city tour for the volunteers as I am licensed tour guide of Nepal too. I help manage volunteer training programs. We issue certificate in the last. As I work for our sister concern Nepal Spiritual Trekking too, help volunteers to make Nepal tour trekking programs.

How did you get involved in the volunteer industry?

I was born in Rural part of the country. When I finished my High school in 2002, I decided to be a volunteer teacher so I went in the most rural part of the country and became teacher for one year. I saw the real situation of rural parts of Nepal. With my small encouragement change took place a lot and people were so thankful. I realized that candle should be lit there where there is darkness so when I finished my masters I decided to work for the marginalized people, organizations of remote parts of country. I took the initiation and we made a team to work. I got much inspiration from the book City of Joy too.

What makes Third Eye Foundation unique?

Our vision and Mission are practical. We do actually what we say. In Nepal the opening of non profit organization is growing like mushroom industry. We are different that our programs are centered to rural and remote parts of the country. We provide wider range of locations all over Nepal in general and mostly in places like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Ghalegaun village,Dahare village, Annapurna region, Everest region, Langtang region and more…

We provide services in minimum cost including fooding, cultural programs, accommodation, accommodations, home stay facilities and more…

Our Methodology is practical:

- Bottom up Approach
- Positive thinking and Appreciative Inquiry
- People Centered Approach
- Participatory Learning and Action
- Participatory Self-review and planning
- Self-Help Promotion

In your experience, what characteristics make a good international volunteer?

The good vision, trust and mutuality, believe in action make a good international volunteer

What does the future hold for Third Eye Foundation?

We are very optimist that we can make our dream come true. Our some projects are ongoing and some are in the phase of starting. We are now seeking reliable international sister organization who are interested work with us in mutual basis. We are getting very good response from the people. The volunteers who cae through us are very satisfied. Their satisfaction matters much for us. We have promise that if you will not be satisfied with our service, we give you back your money. It means that we guarantee what we say.