Zara Dureno

Zara Dureno is from Windsor, Canada and is currently a neuroscience student at the University of Windsor. She is 20 years old and enjoys travelling and many forms of art.
Jaipur, India

Highlights: The highlight of my volunteer experience was seeing a throat surgery. I was able to stand right over the surgeon as he removed a lump from a woman's throat. The highlight of my overall experience was on one of the weekend trips to Jaipur. We visited a place called "the monkey temple" which was an abandoned temple filled with over 5000 monkeys. They came right up and grabbed peanuts out of our hands. It was amazing.

Morning: The volunteers are woken up with an alarm or music around 8am. You can wake up earlier or sleep in if you would like to. You have some time to get ready and head downstairs for breakfast. There is a table set up with plenty of options for breakfast. This includes Chapati with several jams, oatmeal, bananas, omletes, and always chai. Around 9am the volunteers head to the slum school to begin teaching. Some volunteers will go to the clinic to help the doctor or to the hospital to watch surgery.

Afternoon: When we are done teaching or working at the clinic we come back for a delicious lunch and discuss with the others how our day went. After lunch I have been taking Bollywood dance lessons with a few other girls. The dance lessons are an option, you can do yoga or hindi lessons or you can simply just hang out and read. The dance lessons run for 15 days to one month and they are cheap.

Evening: In the evenings I head over to the orphanage to help the kids with their homework. When there homework is finished you can take them to the park or play games with them. This is also an option, if you are tired you can hang back and stay at the house, or take a walk into the market and explore.