Staff Member Spotlight: Kranti Sharma

Aim Abroad Staff Member


Tell us a little about Aim Abroad and your role at the company.

Aim Abroad is an Indian organization aimed at providing education , safe environment and medical care for those in need. We rely on international volunteers for our projects like slum schools, orphanage, women empowerment and health care programs.

My role is to coordinate all of the volunteers, ensuring individuals who come to the organization are placed in suitable programs. I am responsible for all of the volunteers safety and accommodating them in our host families.

How did you get involved in the volunteer industry?

I became involved in volunteering industry as I have a passion for helping those in need and less fortunate. I have done my masters in chemistry.

What makes Aim Abroad unique?

Our organization is made up of so many people from different nationalities who bring their own qualities and skills. We have such a variety of programs there is something for everyone and we are very open to giving the people the opportunity to trying programs outside of what they have chosen.

In your experience, what characteristics make a good international volunteer?

A good international volunteer is some one who is open minded, willing to work hard and step out of their comfort zone. A friendly and warm hearted person is all that is required.

What does the future hold for Aim Abroad?

I could not predict what tomorrow will bring but given the success of the organization so far I am nothing but positive about the future I would like to see our programs develop and grow with every new volunteer and the qualities they share with in the organization.