Alumni Spotlight: Alex Gavis

Alex Gavis studied in China with CLI this past year and had an excellent experience. Read on for more deets!

Alex Gavis on the Great Wall of China

What was it like to move to China, and how did CLI ease that transition?

Alex: I started out in Guilin knowing zero Mandarin and now I can hold conversations with Chinese people. If that doesn't testify to CLI's greatness, I don't know what does. This has been the experience of a lifetime. CLI's one on one teaching style is excellent. There is no better way to learn Mandarin. Your teachers have to be able to tailor their lessons to your individual needs.

You studied in Guilin, China, a unique destination. What was that like?

Alex: Everything went off without a hitch! Guilin is the perfect setting for immersion; it isn't so big that you feel lost in it, but it isn't so small that you don't feel completely immersed in Chinese culture. China is generally much safer than other study abroad locations in the world. I was never even afraid of getting pickpocketed!

How has this experience impacted your future?

Alex: Now, as a recent graduate from Virginia Tech, I find myself back in Guilin. I returned to CLI with hopes of furthering my Mandarin abilities and in doing so build myself a new skill set that will increase my marketability to future employers. People from all over the world come to Guilin searching for a better understanding of Chinese language and culture, and in my opinion there is no better place to find it.