Alumni Spotlight: Eric Doise

Why did you decide to study with CLI?

Eric: I can't recommend CLI enough. The teaching is outstanding, largely in part because the teachers seem to understand how I learn and were quick to adjust to my level. They are focused but flexible. The living conditions are excellent, particularly if you've been living in China. The building is designed in such a way that whenever you leave your room, you're hearing and speaking Chinese. Everyone there is patient and helpful, invested in your learning Chinese and enjoying your time.

Eric and friends scaling the karst mountains of Guilin

What was your learning environment like?

Eric: I had classes with three different teachers. My integrated Chinese and oral Chinese teachers were excellent and well-prepared. I had a few problems with the writing class, in part because I felt the teacher could have been better prepared. Overall, though, the teaching was excellent and flexible. The classrooms were better than I could have imagined. They were well-designed for both study and relaxation. The furniture, facilities, etc. were all in great shape and very clean.

How does CLI ensure you are being immersed in Chinese culture?

Eric: The thought put into cultural immersion is impressive. There are always Chinese speakers around willing and eager to engage you in conversation, allowing you to practice what you have learned. Teachers were also willing to go on small field trips to medicinal markets or make sure we knew how to get somewhere in the town.

Honestly, the only way I could have gotten away from Chinese was by not leaving my room.