Alumni Spotlight: Rich Venezia

Rich Venezia is from Hillsborough, NJ, and studied Acting at Point Park University in Pittsburgh. He is amidst a worldwide adventure, and is currently living back in Dublin and working as Assistant Box Office Manager at Smock Alley Theatre, which now houses The Gaiety School of Acting (where he studied abroad).

Highlights: The highlight of my trip was everything - honestly. It was the best 4 months of my life - I met amazing people, trained hard, took trips to places I'd only dreamed about ever going to, and enjoyed every minute. If I had to choose a "highlight," it would probably be Paris, as I completely fell in love with The City of Light. That said, I am hesitant to pick a favorite, because every experience was different and each place and experience had their own uniqueness and wonder associated. Dublin is a brilliant city, and I wouldn't have changed my experience for the world. In fact, I loved it so much that I am back living here for a year, and couldn't be happier. Studying abroad completely changed my life, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Ireland Sunrise

Morning: The Gaiety School course started quite early in the morning, so I was generally up between 6:30 and 7:30 daily. We started the day with a warm-up, and often went right into Acting or Voice class. We were in class until our lunch break. Besides Acting and Voice, other morning classes (depending on the day/week) included Mime, Singing, or Movement. My favorite of these was probably Singing, but they were all great (and challenging) classes. Oftentimes, the acting class would be 3 hours with no break - it seemed dreadful at the time, but looking back, I learned so much from that particular class and teacher.

Afternoon: After our lunch break (often only about 1/2 hour), we would continue on with classes for the day. Afternoon classes included Voice, Acting, Dance, Stagecraft, Text Analysis, Stage Combat, and Theatre History. I really enjoyed the academic-based classes in Theatre History and Text Analysis, as I've always been interested in the dramaturgical side of theatre. But it was also great to get on your feet after a bit of this for some stage combat and dance.

West Ireland

Evening: Generally, evenings were spent doing homework. We were required to keep a journal for each class, and often there would be scenes/monologues to work on and memorize, plays to read, songs to learn, etc. Of course, living in Dublin, we'd go for a pint every so often, but generally weekdays were reserved for work (at least for the study nerds like me). The weekends gave us a chance to go out and let off some steam, which we did quite often. I also used the weekends to travel a bit, as well.