Alumni Spotlight: Benjamin Cooper

Benjamin Cooper is originally from Detroit, Michigan. He attends Michigan State University majoring in Electrical Engineering. Although he is not sure what his next step is in his career, he is now considering applying to jobs overseas. Read about his experience at John Cabot University!

What made you decide to come to JCU?

Benjamin cooper rome

Benjamin: A friend of mine back home studied abroad and attended JCU and recommended the school to me. Plus my home university has a partnership with JCU. I knew I wanted to be in Rome, but JCU appealed to me because of the diversity of the student population, I didn't leave America to see only America. I like meeting new friends that have different cultures.

Have you found any differences in the academics or professors at JCU versus at your home school?

Benjamin: JCU’s academics are very different than at home, the most noticeable difference for me is the class size. Michigan State University is home to about 48,000 students so classes tend to be over populated. But here at JCU the classes are smaller and more personal, which honestly is how I prefer it because it’s easier to be involved in the discussion or classwork.

What is the best part of studying in Rome?

Benjamin: It’s hard to say just one thing. I love the how old the city is. I love the artsy feeling of the city. I love the architecture. I love the culture and the people and the language. Oh, and gelato.

What advice would you give students considering studying abroad at JCU?

Benjamin: Definitely take time to explore the city! So many Americans come to Rome then go running all over Europe but don't take the time to see all Rome has to offer.