Alumni Spotlight: Erin Fox-Ramirez

Erin Fox-Ramirez is 28 years old, and hails from Washington D.C. where she worked for the government. She always had dreams and aspirations of moving abroad and traveling the world, and now she is teaching English in Prague, Czech Republic. She has a job working at Sentia with some private students. All of this would not be possible without her training from the Language House Prague.

Why did you decide to take your TEFL course with The Language House in Prague?

Erin: When I finally made the decision to move overseas. I did a lot of research about what opportunities that would be available to me. I came across a lot interesting ones, but this TEFL course appealed to me the most. They base it on a skill that all native speakers already have, and teach you how to use. Aside from that they provide housing, job placement, visa assistance, and CV assistance.

Interview with Erin, TEFL course participant in Prague with The Language House

What made this abroad experience unique and special?

Erin: The Language House program IS what made my experience so special. They not only provide with all the job assistance you might need, but they also provide a welcoming TEFL community. Moving overseas is a big decision and there is definitely some culture shock, but having people you can talk to and assist with the transition makes it all so much easier.

How has this experience impacted your future? (Personally, professionally, etc)

Erin: I had a good job back in the States, but I worked all the time and did not have a life. Personally I am able to do the traveling I have always wanted to do, and meet a lot of different people. Through this I am learning about different cultures and experiences that cannot be read about in books. Professionally, I am learning and improving my communication skills. Being able to communicate with non-native speakers is an invaluable skill that can be translated to so many jobs.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to someone considering a TEFL course overseas?

Erin: Do your research! Every country has different education system, visa process, and housing. Not to mention certain things that are just not available in certain countries (i.e. food, medications...)

Interview with Erin, TEFL course participant in Prague with The Language House