Alumni Spotlight: Anna Govrilova

Anna Govrilova is from Novosibirsk, Russia. She worked as an intern in OntoArte Gallery in Beijing, China. She enjoys Chinese food and walking in ancient Chinese hutongs.

Highlights: Right after graduation I found my first internship in one of the art galleries in Beijing’s 798 district with the assistance of Gi2C Group recruitment company. The gallery was established by a renowned Chinese contemporary artist and specialized in futurism art. The job was as demanding as it was interesting and educating.

Anna in the Beijing Art District

Apart from assisting in organizing exhibitions, I also had to greet visitors (who at times crowded the relatively small gallery), register sales, attend press-conferences and even take interviews from visiting artists to later issue a press release. That was quite an experience for me.

Now, looking back, I have to say that it was exactly the internship in the art gallery that taught me how to learn things fast, adapt to changing circumstances, interact with people, work under pressure and deliver excellent results. I even had the chance to practice my Chinese language skills that I acquired while staying in China. But what’s most important is that I’m now an expert in China’s art market.

Morning: During my internship in Beijing, every morning after I woke up, I went to a local Chinese market where I was able to have a nice Chinese breakfast and after that, head to the company to work. I had to take a subway, which is really crowded during rush hour.

Afternoon: In the afternoon, apart from daily routine tasks, I was in charge of promoting the gallery’s public image and designing its advertising materials, promotional slide-shows and presentations and even invitation cards for upcoming events.

Evening: In the evening, we usually went for dinner with other interns who took part in the Gi2C Group's programs at various restaurants in the city.