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Our Company has been established since 2007 and this alumni network page is dedicated to the programs that have come and gone, but still hold a place in the memories of their students and interns.

Alumni of programs no longer in session are encouraged to leave a review of their past experience with us. For more information about our company and a current list of all available programs, please consult our Company profile on Go Overseas!

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  • Fun 7.6
  • Housing 7.1
  • Safety 7.5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Go out, explore Beijing!

I’m really happy with my accommodation in Beijing from Gi2C, it’s modern large flat I was sharing with two more people, we had everything we need in there, apartment was clean and pretty close to subway station, so really convenient.
Of course even living in perfect apartment you shouldn’t just stay at home all the time. It’s important to go out and see what is it to live in China, work for Chinese corporation and hang out with Chinese coworkers. You can’t do everything you did in University, here is different environment, working environment, different people here, you are gonna talk to them and deal with more things than just your lectures. I think interning overseas it’s great opportunity to gain experience of communications with people from different cultures. I’ve gained great experience of communications with Chinese people here.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Review for Business Development internship in Shanghai

I just finished my graduation, had a look around about some internships in different locations and I thought China could be a good experience. So I choose Gi2C program. I did it because I remember going to a few kind of careers conventions when I was still in university and career specialists said smth like that really small people were actually having an internship. For companies if you were doing an internship it sounds like very good because if you have university qualification it’s fine but being in a work structure is very different. Btw, working hours in China are different, it’s longer here.

Concerning my experience in Shanghai. Shanghai is very modern and it’s always very busy, there is always something to do, some new parties are going on or some new exhibitions to see. In the same time life in Shanghai is much cheaper compare to place where I came from. Metro system is very good it can usually get you wherever you need to go or very close to that place, taxi cabs usually are pretty cheap as well. Btw, food is fantastic, you can get very good meals here very cheap. It’s also good place to try different fruits.

About agency. Gi2C definitely helps to reach gap in communication, helps with Chinese classes which can be quite helpful if you want to know the basics. It comes easier to adapt to the city after learning some basic Chinese. Gi2C also organized some social events where you can meet some new people and explore more about Chinese culture.

So after all my advice is: being here try to travel as much as possible, explore the culture so much as you can, it’s maybe once in a lifetime opportunity so make the most of it.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I enjoyed my internship with Gi2C (designer at architectural firm)

I would recommend it. Totally enjoyed my internship with Gi2C last summer, sorry for delayed feedback. I just got Birthday card from my manager and realised that it would be at least polite to write review for this agency, they are really good and deserve it. My internship was an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people and learn about the industry. The internship was well organised by Gi2C and included social events, networking opportunities and volunteering events which I really appreciate even it wasn't so necessary to my career path. Concerning accomodation, my studio was located in central Beijing, Guomao area, the cost of living was above average, there were plenty of opportunities to go out and dine so I was happy with accomodation. My 2 months internship passed very quickly and it certainly felt that we were very busy. I wish I could do it again but it's just a time for next step in my life.

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No, I don't recommend this program


I was/still am devastatingly disappointed with my experience with Gi2C.

Paul Dodds was charming and charismatic. After three 1 hour Skype conversations and writing a detailed description of what I wanted in an internship experience in China: to work in a commercial property sales or valuations team, I was encouraged and assured that they would find my 'ultimate' internship. Paul convinced me to pay my $300, receiving an early bird discount (9 months in advance) and that he would get back to me 'very soon' with a fantastic offer.

Five months went by and I was well into my savings. I wrote to Paul asking of any update. No response. I wrote again a week later, to which he replied 'I'm working on it'.

The very next day my first offer (one or two potential offers) came via email (what a coincidence!). After specifying my desires to work in a commercial (think city buildings) property firm in their sales or valuations department...I was sent an offer to work in the MARKETING team of a small residential hotel. I declined the offer and questioned whether they had me confused with another applicant. No response.

I followed up this query the following week. Again, the very next day I received an offer (ANOTHER coincidence!). This second offer was to work in the MARKETING team of a local, small scale real estate agency. Again, the offer was not even close to what Paul assured me he and his team could arrange.

After a few more emails, the team at Gi2C brushed me off with a 'bad luck' attitude.

I wholeheartedly accept that I may not have been the strongest candidate to apply for commercial property internships in China through Gi2C. But after barraging the team with questions (to which I have never received any response), I am convinced that Gi2C simply do not have any relationships or networks in the commercial property industry of Shanghai or Beijing. And therefore, Paul Dodds and Gi2C were wrongful in convincing me that they could satisfy me desires. They behaved unethically and unprofessionally.

Gi2C refused to refund my $300. I argued that they behaved fraudulently (virtually), in that they knew they could not arrange such an internship, yet, they continued to bait an honest and motivated student.

Not only did I not go to China. I did not receive my $300 refund. Nor an apology. And the opportunity cost of such an event falling through, is that I missed countless other internship opportunities and suddenly my 'window of opportunity' was closed.

I believe Gi2C have established relationships with 3rd and 4th tier small-scale firms, from which both financially profit from these generic 'internships'.

If you dream of a tailored internship, I employ you to please look elsewhere! Don't waste your time here! If you decide to hold conversations with Gi2C, they will undoubtedly assure you that they will find/make something happen for you, specifically. However, this is not the case. You will be offered a generic program offered to countless others.

You have been warned!

Response from Get into China Group

The sad reality of this business is that some people however rare the situation is, cannot be placed. While we do have connections with a number of companies in different fields, it is up to them to decided if the applicant is skilled enough or a right fit for the company.

We do our best to advocate for our applicants and present them in the best possible way to give them the opportunity they are looking for. While this person may have felt it was a certainty that he would end up with exactly what he was looking for based on what he was told, I can a sure you this is not the case. Our agents are trained not to over sale our companies or make any guarantees regarding them. But to stand by what we can control which is our quality service.

We respond to all our communications in a timely fashion as the work we do must meet certain deadlines. It is unfortunate that this applicate was not satisfied and felt that the offer he received was not suitable for his standards. We would have gladly continued to search for one more favourable to his needs given the chance.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Just a fraud

I have been cheated by this company. I have been waiting for very long time after I submitted the application form. I have sent emails asking and complaining but no one reply me. When the 45 days 'deadline' come, they only gave me an offer of 2 months working in Beijing although I have been emphasized several times that I could only work in Shanghai for one month. I asked for refund several times but they replied me that the $300 USD is not a deposit but a application processing free. They can just ignore their terms as well as your application. I had high expectation at first but what I leave now is merely rage and disappointment.

Response from Get into China Group

There is always two sides to every story and everyone has there own perspective on things that happen. While I won't say this applicant is not telling the truth, I will say that it is not the full truth and one-sided. The process of finding the proper placement takes a while for some applicant based on several factors. And in this case it did take some time, one of the reasons being that the applicant didn't provide us with the documents needed to assist with the process in time. We did however try to reach this client several times and received no response. Our terms and conditions on refunds are clearly stated and every applicant must agree to them before we can even accept any payment. When it's all said and done I believe this applicant just misunderstood our process. We would be more than happy to continue with our agreement if she is willing.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Horrible Service

This internship provider is, in my opinion, one of the worst in China. Just be aware that you won't receive 80% of the things your were promised and the price is overly high. That being said, doing an internship in China is a great opportunity and can really open a lot of doors for you. So I definitely recommend interning in China, but my suggestion is that you do some more research and choose a better program provider that actually cares about your success. It'll be worth it in the end and you'll actually get your money's worth.

Response from Get into China Group

Hi Reviewer,

We at Gi2C are truly apologetic that you had a less then stellar experience with the service we provide. While we value your feed back we feel that this is a less than accurate critique of what we provide for our participants. More over if at anytime you have concerns with our services we have staff on board 24hrs. that will rectify the situation immediately if not soon, if you voice your dissatisfaction. Our customer service both in Shanghai and Beijing are in place for this exact purpose.

Also to prove to you that we do in fact appreciate your feed back, if you wish to contact us directly and explain your specific displeasure with our service we will compensate you for your time and input.

Gi2C Support Team

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Yes, I recommend this program

It's good but don't go all in.

Everything was good except for the language classes I opted for. I found it impossible to make it to them with the work schedule and location I was given. They plop you in a language school that isn't close to the housing or my internship location, and wasn't easy for any of my flat mates to make it to either. What I was confused about is that there are language teachers/classes that work at the apartments they put you in, so why not use that extremely convenient resource? I also noticed many language schools around the neighbourhood we lived in to. I noticed on my first week that making it to the language classes across town was never going to happen with the commute required and I asked for a refund but they wouldn't allow that. So I think if you're looking into using Getin2China, it is good but don't sign up for the language package. You will be able to find teachers or classes right in your apartment complex and you won't be throwing your money away. I feel that for the price they are asking for, they could have been a lot more thoughtful about their customers on this issue. I suppose they are receiving compensation for sending people to that specific school though. SO I would recommend Gi2C but I want people to be aware of this.

What would you improve about this program?
See above.
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Yes, I recommend this program

3 months in Shanghai

I started my internship 4 days after arriving to Shanghai. Jean, my placement coordinator accompany me to the company on my first day. I was interning with the Bridge Capital, an investment company with a few branches around China. The work given for the first two weeks was mainly learn about company services and doing research witch was vey good. For the rest of the time I was involved helping our team with some international projects as well as contact our existing clients. As the part of the program there were some activities arranged by Get in2 China but I had time to join only a few of them. After work I often went out with other interns to some bars. I can recommend to Zeal and Rouge bar.

I found Get in2 China's team to be extremely helpful and friendly. I really enjoyed my time in Shanghai and will definitely miss it a lot.

What would you improve about this program?
My advise to anyone who is planning to go to Shanghai is definitely do it, you will never get bored and surely it will be one of the best experiences you'll ever have.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Editorial Internship in Beijing, 2012

Hi, I'm Gabrielle. I was assigned to work as an editorial intern at Lifestyle magazine after expressing my interest in the media sector. Honestly, the position was not exactly what I expected; it was much better. Being a university student, gaining work experience in China was a very important step in my career, and my internship provided me with the experience I needed to decide what I would like to do when graduate. Lifestyle magazine always kept me busy by writing articles on upcoming events, conducting interviews, and reading online news sources to write blog posts for the company website. Although it was only two months, I feel that I have built much more skill assets than I had expected.

Thank you guys!

What would you improve about this program?
I think Get in2 China should also make a program that combines both cities Beijing and Shanghai.
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Yes, I recommend this program

2 Month Internship in Beijing, August 2012


I went to Beijing last August for an internship. I worked in the marketing department in a travel Company called CYTS based in Beijing city center. My role with the marketing department involved producing promotional material for their social networking platforms and I was also responsible for finding and rehang out to some potential companies that may have been interested in doing business with my company. Both roles were good, dynamic and interesting. Experience in such an evolving area as social media based marketing has definitely enhanced my CV and assisted in my applications and interviews on my way to find a permanent marketing based position.

Thanks for Get in2 China for providing such opportunity!

What would you improve about this program?
I wouldn't coz I was fine with everything provided.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Internship in Shanghai with Get in2 China, June 2012.

Hello, my name is Sarah. I've just finished my internship in Shanghai with Kong & Allan a supply chain consulting company. My internship was for only 2 months and even the time was kinda short, I've managed to get a good experience and knowledge of the industry. I was working as an assistant to project manager. We had two projects and a small dedicated team of 8 people. I need to say that those 2 months were quite busy but hopefully I did a good job and brought some value to the company. Unfortunately I had to leave back home before we've finished those two projects but I'm looking forward to come back to Shanghai one day...

Due to my busy work schedule I didn't had a chance to take a part in most of the activities that Get in2 China arranged for interns and that is a pity since its a great opportunity to meet other people from different countries.

Still I really enjoyed my time in Shanghai and thanks to Get in2 China for giving me such an opportunity and your support.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My internship experience in China August 2011


My name is Anna and I've been doing art internship with Get in2 China from Aug. till Dec. in 2011. My internship took place in a world famous art district in Beijing called 798. I really enjoyed my time in China. Thanks to Get in2 China for giving me such an opportunity.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Terrible internship

Hi readers, I am one of the interns that went with getin2china and here I am giving it a review.

This service is outrageously expansive. You could find a local service at probably 1/4 of the 1000 usd.

They did not do half of the things promised.
They said they will send proper internship offer documents etc after pull payments, but I never got them even after I started my intern.
When I first called them to sign up for this service, I asked for a paid position. The lady said sure, it would be 80-100 Chinese a day, but the actual amount is only 20. Out right dishonest practice here.

The actual duties you get is a joke. They send you off to do rubbish labour jobs with no technical skills required. Won't learn much working here...

Response from Get into China Group

It is important to keep in mind that “expensive” is a relative term, and it’s definition varies from person to person. Our service is providing students and graduates with meaningful internship experience in China. There are many companies that provide similar services. That being said, one of the ways that Get in2 China differentiates itself is that our placement program is more reasonably priced than most of our competitors. We invite all potential interns to explore other programs. They will find that our placement fees are only a quarter of the cost when compared with other internship providers.

This particular applicant applied for our most basic internship placement package. The program witch includes: a) Internship placement, b) Visa Assistance, c) Certificate upon Completion. We understand the importance of managing the expectations of potential interns. As with most things in life, “you get what you pay for.” More expensive placement options provide comprehensive, around the clock support, from our dedicated staff. However, some interns choose to participate in the more basic, budget-friendly placement programs. Our company is named “Get in2 China.” For those that choose the most basic placement option, we do just that - we get you into China. The rest is up to you...

For this particular applicant, we have fulfilled all three of our obligations as placement coordinators. To avoid problems like this from occurring again in the future, our staff will do a better job of articulating what is included in each program package and work harder to appropriately manage the expectations of incoming interns.

The amount of the stipend for interns is determined by each individual company, not by Get in2 China. We offer paid and unpaid positions, though we do our best to focus on companies that will provide at least some sort of remuneration for interns.

We will be completely honest and tell you neither 20 RMB/day nor 80 RMB/day is a lot of money. This stipend is more of an appreciative gesture than anything else. In an internship, you are an INTERN, you are NOT an EMPLOYEE. As an intern, you are provided an opportunity - an opportunity to get your foot in the door, an opportunity to add significant value to your CV and boost future career prospects - and the individuals who succeed during their internships are the ones who understand this.

When we spoke more in-depth with this particular intern about exactly who promised him the 80-100 RMB stipend, he was unable to provide us with any more detail than “someone did.” In addition, prior to confirming his internship placement, this intern had a phone interview with the company he would be interning for. Since stipends are determined by the company and not by Get in2 China, it is in every interns best interest to confirm the stipend amount with the company prior to submitting their internship confirmation. In any case, this is at least a partial reflection of our staffs failure to manage the expectations of our clients. We have addressed this problem with our staff in effort to prevent further misunderstandings.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Placement, Terrific Support

I recently completed my internship with a major Accounting/Finance company in Beijing and could not be more happy with the way things turned out.

Though Beijing is extremely different from my hometown, Get in2 China made the transition process as effortless as possible. On my first day they provided me with a city guide, map, subway card, cell phone, and Chinese dictionary.They even set up an incredible centrally-located housing unit for me prior to my arrival.

My internship placement was with a leading multinational firm. From day one I was given a tremendous amount of responsibility and was forced to learn and adapt quickly.

I see this opportunity opening many doors for me in the future.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Internship in China

Back in 2010 when I did my last year of studies at the university I took a course on Chinese culture. It was an optional one, and I needed it only to get enough scores to graduate. However, it was exactly that course to trigger my interest in China. Right after my graduation paper had been submitted, I started to look into the possibility of going to China to study the language a bit and preferably to do an internship. I didn’t hope that much to be able to find an internship in China. After all, I studied journalism, and with that and no Chinese language abilities chances seem to be pretty slim for a professional kick-off in a country like China.
After an hour of googling and checking the websites I opted for Getin2China. Their combined courses of internship and language appealed to me a lot. Besides, they seemed rather professional with their services and organization. I sent them an e-mail and got reply next day. Information exchange followed, and two weeks later I got enrolled in a combined ‘internship + language’ program. One week more, and I had my first job interview via Skype. It went well with all the tips Getin2China staff gave me. So, I got an internship with China Radio International - a large state media holding in Beijing.
That’s how my professional career started. I went to work 5 days per week, working 9 to 5. But I really enjoyed it - getting to know the operation engine of an enormous state media machine. At first my tasks were too simple to call my job demanding. I was only proofreading and polishing the news and programs our department published on website or broadcast. Then I was transferred to the team of editors for the online magazine the department published monthly. Once in a while I was also assigned to present radio programs. On the fourth month of my internship I was offered to try myself as a real-TV journalist. We have also a video section in our department, and my assignment was to cover various stories about China. Thus, within half a year of internship I managed to try various aspects of working in media area. The last two months were crazy - in the morning I edited and corrected, in the afternoon I would record a program for radio or our team would go to some place or event for video shooting. Also, three times per week after work I would join the other students of Getin2China for the Chinese language classes. It helped me a lot to establish good relations with my Chinese colleagues. I also had a chance to practice my Chinese skills with them.
By now my internship is over but I am still in China, and now officially working for China Radio International. I was offered one-year contract within the company upon completion of my internship. I still do not know how long I will stay here after the contract is over, but what I know for sure is that the experience of working in China and studying the language has already laid solid foundation for the future career. Now I only need to apply my skills and knowledge as much as possible, develop them more and keep on growing professionally.


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