Alumni Spotlight: Peggy Lin


Lin, Pei-Wei, 21, is a very friendly, outgoing girl from Yilan, Taiwan. She loves adventures, photography, camping, hiking, and do crazy things. She is currently majoring in English department in Tamkang University.

Morning: Usually we get up around 7:30 for breakfast and then off to work on foot. It’s only 15 minutes away from Müllerhof, which is where we stayed for two weeks.

We work from 9 until lunch time if the weather permitted. Also, we helped the garden work in the Müllerhof, since we finished our painting.

Afternoon: In the afternoon, volunteers will have a lot of fun at the workplace, or we will be invited to a tour by local university. We usually work in the garden or continue the painting, which started in the morning. Because the work we did was outdoor and art related, we can’t work during raining days. So we might just stay at the house to relax, play games or visit the nearby areas, Chemitz or just Mittweida.

Evening: The volunteers usually cook together in the kitchen, which is the best time to share the ideas and the differences between cultures.

After dinner, we will have some drinks, or go to local bars to enjoy the night and also watch movies at the living room. We usually just relax in the house, play card games and a lot of chatting.

Highlights: I spent 50 days in Europe last summer, which was my first backpacking trip, and two weeks in Mittweida. It was a really small town compare to where I live in Taiwan.

A trip is not a trip without the people I met last summer. I met 9 different friends from 5 countries. We had different backgrounds, but we all came together to finish the work. The language barrier was there, but we conquer it by some broken English, body language and drawing.

The artwork we created was the best part of our memories. I love the people I met on the trip; no matter how different we were, because I learned a lot from them.