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Each project has a $500 registration fee ($650 for teens) that includes accommodation, food, leadership and work materials during the project. Some projects have an extra fee that is payable to our partner organization upon arrival and will be listed individually on each project page on our website. Please contact us with any questions!
Dec 03, 2019
Jul 24, 2014
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Volunteers For Peace, a Vermont-based nonprofit organization, has offered international volunteer opportunities for over 30 years. You choose from nearly 3,000 projects in over 90 countries. Each year, almost 1,000 volunteers engage in these projects to explore a new place, strengthen communication and leadership skills, and build cultural understanding and connections around the world.

Each year, choose from over 250 volunteer projects that last 2 to 3 weeks in Germany. Volunteer project themes include renovation, construction, historic preservation, archaeology, festivals, environmental projects like trail building, park maintenance, education, organic farming, working with specific social demographics like children, the elderly and mentally or physically handicapped individuals, and many more! VFP projects provide you with the opportunity to participate in meaningful community service while living and interacting in an intercultural environment.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing 2 Weeks

My two weeks volunteering in Germany was amazing. The group of international participants were very interesting to meet and by the end we felt like a big family. It was sad to leave everybody. Working in the town of Kell was great, because it was within walking distance from the house we were staying at. We had an entire area of beautiful scenery within our grasp, and it was all at our disposal. Working with Helge, the groundskeeper at the house, was great. He was one of the most hardworking and kind men I have ever met. And sharing our different cultures but still realizing we all had a lot in common was the best part. My mind and worldview is forever changed because of this experience and I would love to do it again!

What would you improve about this program?
One thing I would change is that we couldn't really leave Kell very easily because the Trier bus system isn't so great once it leaves Trier, and the car only had space for 5 of us, but there were 10. We ended up finding a solution by meeting a local who drove some of us, but it would have been nice to maybe have transportation available for the entire group right from the start. A few plans we had had to be canceled because we couldn't bring the entire group.
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Yes, I recommend this program

VFP rocks!

After spending an entire year searching high and low on the internet for an organization that would not scam me out of paying thousands to do volunteer work, I finally came across Volunteers for Peace, ironically enough based out of my hometown (though I had never heard about it before). As a 17 year old I was not hopeful that many programs would be available to me; or if there were international camps for minors, the price would be skyrocketed. As of 2011 the price for all teen camps was a flat $500, regardless of length, location, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many options available to me and found my three-week camp in Germany. Chelsea and Meg are very helpful and helped my family to be reassured of my safety during international travel. I made 16 amazing friends at this camp and still keep in touch with almost all of them; in fact, this summer at age 19 I am participating in another camp through VFP in France, and will meet one of my German friends from 2011 in Paris before it starts. I can speak on behalf of a VFP Europe participant that the organization has reputable intentions and I look forward to additional projects with them!

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Yes, I recommend this program

nice and fun

I joined yap last summer, it was one of the best memories in my life. We painted a outdoor theatre to convey the concept of peace. And try to tell the young teenagers not to paint something bad on the wall. If they do want to paint, paint some ideas worth spreading.
the members from 5 different countries have lots of talks for cultural exchanging, which is in our daily life. It's a great opportunity to learn from others.

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Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing way to learn about German culture

The work of the 13-person team was to do landscaping and restoration of an old chapel that had been abandoned after WWII. The work was fun and satisfying, and the local community was outstanding. We were in a tiny village and they treated us very well, hosting dinner parties and taking us on a castle tour. We also happened to be there during the World Cup being held in Berlin. The country was positively abuzz with excitement and even national pride. The local community group paid for us to take a weekend trip to Berlin for the final, but for the games that occurred prior to that, we dragged the couch outside through a window, set up a television, and enjoyed some beers and friendly rivalries under the evening sky. It was an amazing experience in a part of Germany I would never have visited otherwise, and I couldn't have been happier.

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Questions & Answers

You will stay in a house with bedrooms, kitchen, toilets, shower, and accommodation costs are included. Participants must be able already to use German at least on a survival level.

Uh oh, we couldn't find the answer either! But that's a great question. Click here to contact the program directly: https://vfp.org/contact-page/